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Keeping Smiles Healthy at School

Keeping Smiles Healthy at School

Between early morning drop-offs & establishing homework schedules with your kids this fall, keeping their teeth healthy while they’re at school may not be your #1 priority. While it may seem like a mundane task, packing an apple instead of a fruit roll-up or cookies in their lunch can help boost your child’s oral and overall health in addition to keeping unwanted cavities and unexpected Boise dental bills at bay.

Boise dentist, Dr. Robert Studebaker warns that too much sugar can cause bacteria in the mouth to generate acid which over time wears away enamel causing tooth decay (cavities). While kids love their sweets, moderation is important. Overconsumption can not only hurt their teeth but provides an addicting, temporary jolt for kids that is typically followed by a sugar “crash” leaving them hungry, and lethargic which isn’t how you want your kids to feel during afternoon classes.

Instead, your Boise dentist at Summit Dental recommends the following Boise dental recommendations to help keep smiles healthy before, during, and after school:

  • After breakfast, or before leaving for school, have your child thoroughly brush their teeth with a fluoride toothpaste to remove the buildup of problem causing bacteria in their mouth accumulated overnight while sleeping. Brushing after breakfast (or any meal) not only removes leftover food particles but helps to eliminate bad breath (halitosis) as well.
  • Fill your child’s lunchbox with healthy foods and snacks. Whole grain breads, lean meats, nuts, cheese, apples, or bite-sized carrots are not only healthy but help to clean the teeth and gums naturally. Remember that old saying “an apple a day helps to keep the doctor away”? The same goes with your Boise dentist.
  • If their school allows it, send your child to school with a couple sticks of sugar-free gum to chew before and after lunch to help stimulate saliva to buffer acid and dislodge leftover food particles stuck in between teeth.
  • Children with extensive Boise dental work such as braces or removable retainers should take care to brush their teeth and rinse any dental appliances after every meal in order to keep their teeth happy, and healthy.

In the end, make sure to schedule a Boise dental visit during the school year for a checkup & regular Boise teeth cleaning. Ask your Boise dentist about protecting your children’s teeth from cavities with options like sealants – a thin coating of translucent material that acts as a barrier to cavity-causing bacteria.



What To Do If Your Child Loses a Baby Tooth at School

What To Do If Your Child Loses a Baby Tooth at School

This autumn, families everywhere are falling back into the routine of going back to school. While we are all getting used to early morning drop-offs, and after-school homework schedules, what happens during school hours is usually out of our hands. Once the school bell rings, certain things are bound to happen, including the loss of a baby tooth.

If your child does in fact lose his or her first baby tooth at school, don’t worry! Most likely a celebration will be provided by the teacher and their classmates in light of reaching this mini-milestone as long as your child is prepared for the possibility.

Normally, most children lose their first baby tooth around the age of 5 or 6, but it can happen any time between the ages of 4-8 which leaves a high probability they might experience losing a baby tooth during class time.

Provide them with Boise dental information

Prepare your child for the possibility of losing a baby tooth by explaining why we lose our teeth and how it feels or what will happen so they’re not afraid or caught off guard. By now your child has most likely visited their Boise dentist for a Boise dental checkup or Boise teeth cleaning. If they don’t already know, start off by explaining to your child that we all develop two sets of teeth, our primary (baby) and secondary (permanent) teeth. Normally, permanent teeth will begin to grow in around the age of six (except for wisdom teeth) in a addition to their 12-year molars.

Teacher Alert!

If they happen to lose a baby tooth while in school, have your child notify their teacher. Not only will a teacher provide comfort & a tissue, they might indulge your child by taking a photo while providing them with a prize, and tooth-shaped carrier or baggie to bring the tooth home.

Boise Dentist Reward Ideas

Next, don’t forget to have your child put their tooth under their pillow at night for the tooth fairy to find! Aside from money there are other fun ways to reward your child. In addition to a couple of quarters (or dollars), your Boise dentist, Dr. Robert Studebaker would suggest leaving a fun, new toothbrush or other Boise dental care prize! In the end, make sure to care for your child’s overall dental health by establishing good brushing and flossing habits in addition to scheduling a Boise dental checkup every six months.


Too Busy for the Dentist? How We Can Help.

Image via Flickr by herlitz_pbs

Think you don’t have time for the dentist? We know it can be tough to fit a Boise teeth cleaning into your schedule, but here are few ways we work to make sure that you have the time to keep your teeth and gums healthy:

Summit’s Convenient Location

We know how much easier it is to stop by our office now that we are just a walk from downtown Boise. Just take a quick drive from your downtown Boise office to see Dr. Robert Studebaker for a Boise cosmetic dentistry appointment, or get a quality Boise dentist’s teeth whitening with Dr. Carson Mooney. Idaho residents don’t have to live in Boise to take advantage of our quality service, however. Our office is located right off Interstate 184, meaning out-of-town residents can easily zip in and out of our office without getting bogged down by city traffic.

One-Appointment Boise Crowns and Bridges

Once you’ve gotten to our office, however, we make sure that you get all the work done in a day. For a crown, that means using CEREC digital impressions. How CEREC digital impression works starts with Dr. Robert Studebaker or another Boise dentist running a CEREC wand over your teeth to create a digital impression. From there, we use the CEREC digital impressions to custom-create the crown you need. It’s then sent to our in-office CAD machine that quickly and beautifully creates the perfect crown. We’ll permanently cement it in place the same day.

Quick and Efficient Appointments Thanks to Our Phenomenal Staff

If you’ve been to our Boise office, you know how incredible our office staff and hygienist team are. This is the final way we do our best to keep you happy and on-schedule. You know how hard our office team will work to ensure that you get the appointment you need when you need it. And we’re proud to say that our hygienists are some of the best in their field. If you are under a deadline, you can count on them to cheerfully and efficiently get you the care you need in the time you have!

Have any other concerns about getting the dental care you need? Chat with Dr. Robert Studebaker, or talk about your dental care options with Dr. Carson Mooney. Idaho and Boise patients like you have our entire team at your disposal so that you get the care you need. We hope to see you soon!


Boise Dentists: We’re Thankful for Our Roots!

Boise Dentists: We’re Thankful for Our Roots!
With so many good things happening around Summit Dental this year, we wanted to take a step back and look at where we’ve come from. We have a solid history of excellent Boise dentists, staff, and care, so let’s go back and remember where it all began:

Then: Summit Dental Office Opens in 1975

Summit Dental opened for the first time in 1975 with Dr. Terry Gustavel and Dr. Skip Pierce. Located on Overland Road in the Boise Bench, the office was converted from an old house. The practice remained here for three years, already growing from a beginning patient base of 10 patients a day, or around 500 patients total.
While in the house, the practice had two doctors, two assistants, one hygienist, and a front desk assistant (who was the wife of one of the doctors). Dr. Pierce is still an associate of the practice, and several of the assistants and hygienists from those beginning years are still here working with us today!

The First Move: North Latah Road in 1978

In 1978, the Summit Dental Office moved from Overland Road to North Latah Road near Ann Morrison Park. This dental office is where Summit Dental truly began to grow and expand, taking on Dr. Carson Mooney, then Dr. Robert Studebaker, and finally Dr. Lance Ritchie.
This office is also where our beloved fish tank came to be! Coming around sometime during the 1980s, the Summit Dental fish tank has been a proud element of our waiting room for over 20 years. The tank experienced an upgrade during our recent move, including a switch to all live coral and the addition of several new types of fish.

Now: Office Moves to Americana Boulevard in 2012:

With 23 staff members and close to 6,000 current patients, Summit Dental moved to a custom-built facility in August of 2012. Coming a long way from a converted house, this office boasts 16 patient rooms, a beautiful waiting area, and a separate kids’ waiting room, not to mention a prime location. We easily see 100 patients in a day, coming a long way from our beginning of 10 patient appointments per day in 1975.
We’re so thankful for great Boise dentists, staff and of course great dental patients! We know that many families that began with us in 1975 are still with us today. So thank you so much for growing with us! We can’t wait to see what good things will happen in the coming years!

How to Understand and Decide on a Dental Insurance Plan

How to Understand and Decide on a Dental Insurance Plan
Finding good dental insurance plans—or any good insurance—is stressful. How do you know if you have found a good plan? Remember that we would love to help you, so call us and talk about what plans you are looking at. We’ll do our best to help you understand your options. When you go over your options alone, however, keep in mind this list of things to look for:

What to Look Out For

A Waiting Period. Many insurance companies have a one-year waiting period where you are paying for insurance but cannot use it. If this is the case, you might be better off looking for a different plan or just paying out of pocket.
Limits. Dental insurance plans usually have a ceiling on what they will pay per year. This amount may be measured per family or per person. Consider the dental expenses you think your family will need to see if this plan’s limit will suit you.
Coverage. Some insurance companies will only cover silver fillings (the ones that contain mercury) and will not cover composite fillings for cavities. This is another red flag that may mean this insurance plan is not a good fit for you.
Stipulations. Every plan will have some stipulations about copays, pre-existing conditions, limits, and other things already mentioned. Be sure you look over what these stipulations are to see if they are compatible with your family’s needs.
Coverage Percentage. Every dental plan should state rather clearly what percentage of your dental fees they will cover (usually around 60 percent or 80 percent). But you need to ask if this is 60-80 percent of the doctor’s fees, or 60-80 percent of the insurance company’s set fees. Here’s the difference: insurance companies create set fees for what theythink a cavity or cleaning should cost, regardless of whether your Boise dentist’s fees are different. You can see how this could cost you, so make sure you clarify this with your insurance company.

Do Dental Patients Really Need Insurance?

The short answer is that it depends. Dental patients should look at what they need and what insurance would cover, but the decision is mostly personal preference. Here are some examples of what you could consider:
Mostly Preventative. Most older people probably just need preventative care, so simple dental insurance like a $700 limit to use on whatever the dental patient wants or needs is probably enough to cover biannual cleanings, check-ups, and the like. For those looking for another simple dental insurance option, flex spending accounts are generally a good idea as well.
A Waiting Period. If there is a waiting period, however, you may be better off without insurance and instead pay out of pocket.
For Lots of Dental Work. If you need a lot of work done on your teeth, really good dental insurance could be a huge help. But know that for something like dental implants, most insurance companies won’t cover much. Coverage for these procedures has improved over the years, however, so you may get coverage up to 40 percent.

The Bottom Line

In order to discover if you have a good dental plan and if it’s worth the investment, ask lots and lots of questions. And call us to go over your options! We’d love to help you find the best plan and can help you pick up on the red flags of a bad plan.
Any other questions about finding a good dental plan? Give us a call or stop by our office!

Jack Tobin Is Our September Cavity Free Super Star Winner!

Jack Tobin Is Our September Cavity Free Super Star Winner!
Congratulations to Jack Tobin for being September’s Cavity Free Super Star Winner! By regular brushing and flossing, Jack kept his teeth healthy and cavity free for his appointment. Thanks for coming in, and for taking such good care of your teeth and gums, Jack!

All children ages 3-14 who have no cavities get to join the Boise Summit Dental Cavity Free Super Star Program! Each child will be entered in a monthly drawing for 2 Free Movie Passes! We will also place their names on our website as we want everyone to know that we are proud of these children who have been doing a great job taking care of their teeth and gums at home!

Advice from Boise Dentists: Budgeting Tips for Dental Care

Advice from Boise Dentists: Budgeting Tips for Dental Care
We know that times are hard and patients can use all the help they can get in affording the good care they need for their teeth. While we’ll spend later posts talking about how to understand insurance and health care laws, this week we are offering tips and tricks to affording everyday dental expenses.

Take Care of your Teeth

The biggest way you can save money on dental costs is by keeping up with daily dental hygiene. If you take good care of your teeth, there will be fewer cavities, whitening treatments, and other dental expenses to pay for.
Annual dental office appointments are equally important as they clean up your teeth and check for problems that could become serious if left alone. If you have dental insurance, check to see if it covers an annual cleaning. Most insurance plans do. While it may hurt to go to the dentist once a year, it can catch dental problems early so they do not become large expenses later.
If you need more motivation, Michelle at calculates that her family would have saved $8,000 by getting dental insurance and taking better care of their teeth!

Address Problems and Pain Early

If you haven’t been keeping up with yearly or semi-annual dental office appointments, make sure you at least schedule a dentist appointment early on when experiencing discomfort. Waiting too long can turn a simple cavity into a very expensive and painful root canal. Of course, if you brush and floss every day, your chances of needing a cavity filled will significantly decrease anyway.

Create an Emergency Fund

This idea does not strictly apply to dental patients but is instead a theory of being prepared for all sorts of financial emergencies. The idea is to keep money saved but easily accessible for surprise expenses like dental work, car repairs, and other emergencies. Dave Ramsey recommends starting with $500, and moving towards a goal of $1,000. This way when you need to fill a cavity or undergo a dental procedure, you don’t have to stress about coming up with the money—it’s already there. After the expense you can once again work up to the full amount of $1,000. While this doesn’t save you money on the actual expenses, it can really cut back on the stress these emergencies cause.
By taking the time to keep up on dental hygiene, you can stave off the costly expenses of cavities, teeth whitening, and other dental procedures. Do you have any other tips for saving on everyday dental expenses? We’d love to hear them!

Landon Schweiger is July’s Cavity Free Super Star Winner!

Landon Schweiger is July’s Cavity Free Super Star Winner!
Congratulations to Landon Schweiger for being July’s Cavity Free Super Star Winner! At six years old, Landon kept his teeth healthy and cavity free for his appointment by regular brushing and flossing. Thanks for taking such good care of your teeth and gums, and enjoy your two movie passes, Landon!
The Summit Dental Super Star Cavity Free Program was created to show recognition to those special patients who demonstrate excellent home care in between dental visits and therefore have no cavities when they come in for their dental check-up.
All children ages 3-14 who have no cavities get to join Summit Dental Super Star Program! Each child will be entered in a monthly drawing for 2 Free Movie Passes! We will also place their names on our website as we want everyone to know that we are proud of these children who have been doing a great job taking care of their teeth and gums at home!

Privacy, Comfort, Technology: A Perfect Recipe for Great Dental Patient Rooms!

Privacy, Comfort, Technology: A Perfect Recipe for Great Dental Patient Rooms!
With the new office opening on August 1st, we’d love to share more about what makes the new office so impressive! You’ve already heard about the great location and our Boise dental office’s amazingly friendly environment, so now we’d like to share three important things about our new patient rooms:


Privacy. Floor-to-ceiling walls make sure every patient has the privacy they need during their dental visits. With private patient rooms, patients will not be disturbed by other’s appointments, and patients will not have to worry about sharing space. A quiet and peaceful environment makes every appointment better for the doctor, patient, and family members! Don’t forget about our private patient check-in and check-out as well.


Comfort. Not only is each patient room very private, our patient rooms are also spacious and relaxing. Appealing wall colors, dark wood floors, and plenty of natural light make these rooms warm and inviting. Our patient rooms are also easily accessible from the waiting room, so no squeezing around furniture or zigzagging through several narrow hallways.


Technology. Of course, what can help a patient relax more than a movie or TV show? Each patient room is equipped with a flat screen television attached to the ceiling, and patients can choose from our many satellite TV channels, or they can decide on a movie to watch during the entire appointment (we have plenty of options for kids and adults). So be sure to bring your headphones!


Not only do we offer the latest technology for watching movies, we are also proud to have top-of-the-line dental technology throughout our Boise office. Each patient room is equipped with the latest dental technology so that every appointment can run smoothly, without relying on borrowing equipment from room to room.


Between our beautiful and natural room designs, private patient rooms and check-in, and latest technology, we are confident every patient will feel comfortable and relaxed at our new office space. Don’t just take our word for it, though—stop by and check it out for yourself! We’d love to say hello and show you around.

Boise Dentists: New Things to Love

Boise Dentists: New Things to Love
With an official move-in date of August 8th, we at Summit Dental are listing off our favorite things about the new Boise dental office. First things first—location!

Located at the corner of Shoreline Drive and Americana Boulevard, our new Boise dental office is even easier to get to from the downtown area and from out of town. For those who need to make a dental appointment in the middle of the workday, our location in downtown Boise makes it easy for professionals to leave work and come into the office. In fact, the drive from Central Downtown or the Westside District is under four minutes! Our close location to the Connector, however, makes it easy for those coming in on I-184 to get into town and to the office quickly. The drive is only five minutes from the junction of I-84 and I-184 at the west of town.

Foot and bicycle traffic will have just as easy a time with our location along the Boise Greenbelt in Ann Morrison Park and Kathryn Albertson Park. Pedestrians and cyclists can easily reach our office by crossing the river and walking east for a half block. Easy access to bike parking makes our new dental office an even friendlier place for patients coming via bicycle. Of course, increased parking offers better convenience to our patients who drive to our Boise dental office as well. All parking is well lit.

Once you get inside the building, our new modern facility is spacious and energy-efficient. Two waiting rooms (including a special waiting room designed for kids), and private patient check-in and check-out give you a relaxing and private environment before and after appointments. Private and spacious patient rooms makes sure your appointment is relaxing and enjoyable as well (we can’t want to tell you more about our patient rooms next week!). Efficient and effective temperature control also makes sure that all patients are comfortable no matter when their appointment is.

We are certain our new Boise office location will help patients get to and from our office even easier. Be sure to stop by our Grand Opening Open House on August 8th from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. We can’t wait to show you around!