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Boise Dental Tips For Pediatric Cavity Prevention

Boise Dental Tips For Pediatric Cavity Prevention

Cavities are one of the most common oral health issues that affect children in the Treasure Valley. However, cavities are 100% preventable. That’s why Summit Dental would like to provide you with the following tips for pediatric cavity prevention.

Brush Twice A Day

Preventing cavities begins with proper oral care. At Summit Dental Group, we advise that everyone brush their teeth at least twice a day. By helping your child to brush their teeth, you will ensure your child’s teeth are clean of bad bacteria that cause cavities. Make sure they brush the entire surface area of their teeth, including the ones located in the far back of the mouth that often go neglected.

Limit Sugar Intake

We all know that too much sugar can cause cavities. But how? When your child consumes sugary foods or drinks, the bad bacteria in their mouths feed off of it, creating acids that destroy tooth enamel. That’s why it’s important to limit the amount of sugar your child eats to keep your enamel strong. It’s also a good idea to reduce the amount of starchy carbs they eat like bread or chips to help keep their teeth strong. Starchy carbs like these eventually break down into sugar that feeds the bad bacteria in their mouths.

While you don’t have to eliminate sugar and carbs completely, it’s important to limit the amount your child eats and have them rinse their mouths with water after they consume them.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Many people don’t realize that fruit juice can contain the same amount of sugar as soda. If your child drinks a lot of fruit juice, they can be more prone to developing cavities. Water, however, is one of the best things for their teeth. Not only can it help fight cavities, but it can also keep their enamel strong and healthy.

Cavity Prevention

Many Treasure Valley parents have no idea when they should take their child to visit their Boise dentist. Even worse, some parents often disregard their child’s teeth until their permanent ones start coming in. However, it’s essential to visit your family dentist much sooner than that to ensure their teeth and gums are developing properly.

Their First Visit

As a general rule of thumb, your child should visit their Boise dentist by their first birthday or when their first tooth comes in. This will help them to develop a healthy, positive relationship with their dentist while alleviating any fear they may have along the way. The dentists at Summit Dental will also start preventing tooth decay while your child is very young, setting them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Future Visits

After a child’s first visit, your Boise dentist at Summit Dental will recommend regular visits. While every child’s situation is unique, most visits are recommended at least every six months.

Summit Dental Group

Visiting your Boise dentist early will make the process easier for your child. At Summit Dental Group, you can trust us to create a positive experience that will create a lifetime of trust. Contact us today to make an appointment by filling out our online form or give us a call at (208) 345-8962.