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Introducing CEREC Digital Impression Technology at Summit Dental

Introducing CEREC Digital Impression Technology at Summit Dental

 Our Boise dentists are pleased to announce that we are now using CEREC digital impression technology to make dental restorations easier, faster, and even more accurate. Here’s how our new CEREC technology can aid every part of a smile restoration in Boise:

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The Consultation: Clear and Simple Smile Restoration in Boise

Using CEREC digital impression technology, the dentist simply runs a wand-like camera called an Omnicam over the teeth in need of repair. The video feed and images are instantly transferred to the computer software, creating a full-color digital impression of the teeth. The process involves no impressions or powders. We will then use these images for the consultation to show the dental patient what needs to be repaired. Once we agree on a treatment or repair option, our Boise dentists will prep the tooth and guide the camera around the tooth again in preparation for the design and installation process.

The Design, Milling, and Installation: Quick and In Office

Once we have the images of the prepped tooth, our computer will form an accurate design of your tooth and the needed smile restoration. Boise dentists will then review the design to ensure that it will be a perfect fit. Once completed, we send the design to our in office CAD/CAM system that quickly mills the Boise crowns or bridges for us. We can then install it, completing the restoration from consultation to installation in one appointment.

Curious about how our milling machine creates the perfect dental crown for you? The machine will be on display so you can watch your ceramic dental crown being made.

The Benefits: Fast, Comfortable, and Accurate Boise Crowns and Bridges

While there are many benefits of the CEREC digital technology, three clearly stand out to us:

Time. With only one appointment, you don’t need to take more time off of work or spend extra hours in the dentist chair or in the waiting room. You can come in with a problem tooth and leave with it 100% repaired! No impressions, no second appointments, and no temporary solutions.

Comfort. With video imagery, our Boise dentists no longer need to use messy impressions to get the proper design for your teeth. A quick look at your teeth with our Omnicam gives us all the information we need.

Accuracy. Not only is CEREC technology easier and faster, it is also just extremely accurate. Color video captures every angle and indent of a tooth so that we can quickly create the perfectly-fitting veneer or smile restoration. Boise crowns and bridges can be just as accurately created.

All our Boise crowns and bridges are made from 100% ceramic, including the dental crowns and restorations with our CEREC digital impression technology. While we will still use ceramists and traditional impressions for some cases, we are very excited to offer digital impressions for the majority of our dental patients. Come in today and see how our new technology can transform your appointment experience!