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Healthy Halloween Ideas From Boise Dentists

Halloween is a spooktacular holiday the entire family can enjoy. However, as the Boise dentists from Summit Dental know, it’s also one that can bring about unwanted goblins — better known as cavities. With the proper attention, you can avoid these pesky visitors and still let your children enjoy trick-or-treating.

According to the American Dental Association, the majority of all foods – about 90 percent – contain sugars or starches that enable bacteria in dental plaque to produce acids. This attack can lead to a loss of tooth mineral and cavities. A child who licks a piece of hard candy every few minutes or sips a sugary drink is more susceptible to tooth decay because long-lasting snacks create an acid attack on teeth the entire time they are in the mouth. One approach would be to allow your ghosts and goblins to indulge in Halloween candy at mealtime instead of as a snack. Another option with Halloween candy is to allow snacking immediately after trick-or-treating, then throw out the remainder.

Or better yet, join Boise dentists from Summit Dental in the Sugar Swap! Most importantly, teach and practice good oral hygiene with your children by making sure they brush and floss every day in addition to visiting the dentist regularly.

Happy Halloween!