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Nathan Knoeller is our February Cavity Free Superstar Winner!

Nathan Knoeller is our Cavity Free Superstar Winner this Month! Congrats Nathan! This award is not easily earned. Nathan is very responsible in taking care of his teeth, and Nathan had no cavities during his appointments. Keep up the great work. We are proud of you, now go enjoy those movie passes!

The Summit Dental Super Star Cavity Free Program was created to recognize and reward those special patients who demonstrate excellent home care in between dental visits and therefore have no cavities when they come in for their dental check-up.

All children ages 3-14 who have no cavities get to join Summit Dental Cavity Free Super Star Program! Each child will be entered in a monthly drawing for 2 Free Movie Passes! We will also place their names on our website as we want everyone to know that we are proud of these children who have been doing a great job taking care of their teeth and gums at home!