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Have Tooth Pain? 3 Things to Do

Everything’s fine, and then all of a sudden a molar on your bottom right jaw is aching uncontrollably, and you’ll do anything short of ripping it out yourself to make it stop. You—and this all-too common story on weekends and holidays—are not alone. Here are three things you should do for Boise tooth pain.

1. Take Over-the-Counter Boise Tooth Pain Killers

Image via Flickr by wudzy.

The first thing you can do to help the Boise tooth pain fade away is take naproxen-sodium (brand name Aleve), or ibuprofen as directed. By doing this first, it can get working while you try the other tips below. One thing you should NOT do, however, is put an aspirin next to the toothache. Aspirin is meant to be swallowed, not applied topically, and the harshness of it can hurt your gums and further weaken your tooth enamel.

2. Try Boise Tooth Pain Home Remedies

After you’ve taken medicine to help with the Boise tooth pain and swelling, try out some of these home remedies for topical pain relief:

A Wet Tea Bag. This is what some Boise dentists recommend for Boise tooth pain relief after getting a tooth removed. The tannins in the tea help bring down swelling and can help with the Boise tooth pain as well. By placing the tea bag in cold water, you’ll get added relief from the cold pressure.

Salt Water. This doubles as a Boise tooth pain reliever and disinfectant. Mix a half a cup or cup of water with about 1 teaspoon of ground sea salt, and then swish around.

A Garlic Clove. Take either one fresh garlic cloves or minced garlic and apply it directly to the area in pain.

Tried these home remedies with no luck? Pharmacies also sell pain-relieving gels for a Boise tooth pain that you can place on the inflamed area.

3. Visit Boise Dentists for Boise Tooth Pain

Boise tooth pain is a sign that something is wrong, so even if you can’t get to a dentist right away, you need to visit Boise dentists as soon as you can. Even if the pain of the toothache goes away! It could be a sign of a Boise cavity, a root canal, gum disease, or something else.

You aren’t doomed to be in pain until you make it to the dentist. These three things will keep you comfortable AND take care of the cause of the Boise tooth pain! What have you done for a toothache?