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What’s the Cost of Worrying?

We’ve all been there; a tooth is aching, but you don’t want to go in to the dentist. So instead, you take some pain killers and try to ignore the place in the back of your mind that keeps fretting about it. We’ve talked about how this is bad for your teeth before, but worry can affect other aspects of your life, too:

What Worrying Could Cost Your Body

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In addition to keeping you from peace of mind, worry elicits a physiological response from your body in the same way physical danger does. That means your stress hormones are high, your muscles can remain tense, and your digestive system can suffer. When you stay stressed over a long period of time—say, a few weeks or more—your body starts to feel the strain, and you can experience a lowered immune system, muscle aches, and even some more severe emotional ups and downs.

What Worrying Could Cost Your Budget

Not only does worrying over a toothache stress out your body, it can also make your appointment a lot more complicated when you do come in to the office (and you’ll have to eventually). Even something as easy to treat as a cavity can become something much, much worse if it isn’t taken care of soon. So don’t wait—the cost will only go up the longer you stay away! Better yet, if you come in for your semiannual preventative dentist appointment, we aim to keep everything on the preventative side so that you never have any other issues to worry about. Period.

A lot of things you worry about you can’t control. A toothache is not one of them. So set up a diagnostic appointment with our Boise dentists today!