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How Often Should I Visit My Boise Dentist?

Image via Flickr by J. McPherskesen

Even if you take great care of your teeth every day and have even made use of our self exam checklist, you still need to visit a dentist on a regular basis for a Boise dentist teeth cleaning and a dental checkup. Here are some good guidelines to follow:

For Kids: A Dental Checkup Every 6 Months

Since kids are constantly growing, changing the way their teeth are situated, most Boise dentists recommend a dental checkup every six months. That way we can take a look at how their teeth are coming in as well as help keep their teeth clean and healthy as they grow with a Boise dentist teeth cleaning. Not sure when to start bringing your kids in? Start when they turn one year old, or when their first tooth comes in.

For Adults: A Boise Dentist Teeth Cleaning Every 6-12 months

Once or twice a year for a Boise dentist teeth cleaning is a pretty good rule of thumb to stand by, but certain people may need to come in more or less. People who rarely get cavities and who keep excellent daily dental hygiene may only have to come in once a year. Those who have soft teeth or are prone to cavities, however, will need to come in every six months or more.

For High-Risk Patients: Every 3-4 Months

Some people are more prone to cavities, infections, and other dental problems. These people will need to see our Boise dentists for a dental checkup more often so that they can keep any dental problems at bay. Wondering who may be at a higher risk? These people should definitely get a Boise dentist teeth cleaning and dental checkup more often:

  • Smokers,
  • Diabetics,
  • Those with weak immune systems,
  • Those with gum disease.

Otherwise: Whenever You Feel Pain!

Remember that you won’t always notice a cavity or infection. In fact, oftentimes you don’t. If you are experiencing pain when chewing, sensitivity to hot or cold, or other problems, something is definitely wrong. And don’t be fooled if the pain goes away, either—the problem is still there and will only get worse. And here at Summit Dental, our Boise dentists would much rather catch problems early.

Now that you know how often to come in, have you made your latest appointment? Stop by or call our Boise dental office to set it up or ask us more about preventative dental care.