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Why You Should Never Ignore A Cavity

Why You Should Never Ignore A Cavity

Have you ever visited your Boise dentist only to be told you need a dental filling even though your tooth didn’t hurt? That’s why preventative care is so important to help shed light on problems you may not see or feel. Left untreated, a cavity can result in more severe, painful issues down the road that can wreak havoc on your oral health. A small dental filling is a much easier treatment compared to more extensive ones if you let it go. That’s why Summit Dental Group would like to provide you with the following reasons why you should never ignore a cavity.

Boise Dentist Reasons Not To Ignore A Cavity

Severe Pain

When a cavity starts to develop, it doesn’t usually hurt. Typically, you may only notice occasional sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. However, once a cavity develops into a more severe problem, the inner pulp of your tooth that contains thousands of nerves can become infected and damaged. This can result in severe pain that can disrupt your daily life. When this happens, you’ll have to visit your Boise dentist for an emergency visit, which can disrupt your entire day.

Cavity Spread

Cavities can spread to nearby teeth because they are caused by a bacterial infection. When a cavity isn’t sanitized and sealed with a filling, harmful bacteria can spread to other teeth. This means that instead of one small filling, you may need multiple fillings because the initial problem wasn’t addressed in a timely manner.

Root Canal Therapy

Cavities can slowly eat away at the outer, protective layers of your tooth towards its inner center. Once they’ve reached these depths, they carve into your tooth, allowing harmful bacteria to infect its inner chamber and pulp. This can result in severe pain, facial swelling, and infections. When this happens, you may need a root canal treatment from your Boise dentist to stop the infection. This involves removing the inner pulp and topping your tooth with a protective dental crown.

Tooth Extraction

If a cavity is left ignored long enough, tooth extraction may be necessary if a root canal can’t fix the problem. If this is the case, a tooth extraction is an emergency dental treatment meant to treat infection and save the rest of your teeth from becoming infected.

Invasive Dental Treatments

As you can see from above, it’s important to treat a cavity early. If you don’t the procedure options get more costly and invasive. A simple dental filling is much easier and more affordable than a dental crown, root canal, or tooth extraction treatment. The more severe the procedure, the longer the recovery time. It will also cost you much more in dental treatments if you wait until a cavity develops into a much bigger problem.

Summit Dental Group

That said, preventative dental care is important when it comes to treating a cavity early. With a simple filling, you can avoid unwanted stress, worry, and pain down the road. You’ll also be able to preserve your natural smile, which is very important when it comes to how you look and feel in the future.

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