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Boise Dentists Discuss: Response to Article on Bisphenol A and Dental Materials

There have been some questions lately directed towards Boise Dentists about the presence of Bisphenol A (BPA) in dental materials that we use for treatment. BPA has been a hot topic in the news over the recent past and is mostly in response to consumer goods such as plastic bottles or linings in cans that contain certain amounts of BPA. There was a recent article published by the American Dental Association in response to some concern over BPA in dental materials and this will be summarized as follows bellow.
Most FDA approved dental materials are made with bis-GMA a product that does not break down into BPA. Some dental sealants when placed are associated with low levels of BPA; this one-time exposure to BPA from sealants is about 200 times lower than the daily level EPA considers safe. Also, studies have shown that the benefits of dental sealants outweigh the potential risk of a brief BPA exposure. There are alternatives to sealants that may contain BPA such as glass ionomer materials. It is customary that after a sealant or composite filling is placed it is rinsed or wiped and this also reduces exposure. Overall, researchers have shown that sealants and composites should continue to be used due to their proven benefits, which outweigh the potential risks.
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