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The What, Why, and How of Dental Crowns

Wondering about dental crowns? Get the how and why of when you might need a dental crown below:

What Is a Dental Crown?


Our Boise dentists don’t usually recommend gold dental crowns 🙂 Image via Flickr by DeaPeaJay

A dental tooth crown in many respects acts as a replacement tooth. Whether your tooth has been damaged by an accident, decay, or is simply the wrong shape, a tooth crown is placed over your tooth so that you still have a good bite and straight teeth.

Why Would a Boise Dental Patient Need Dental Crowns?

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, it is very dangerous to leave it without a crown as food particles and decay can slowly make their way through the chip or crack to the root. This can result in a sometimes very painful infection that may require a root canal or a removal of the tooth. Even without the risk of infection, a damaged or incorrectly-shaped tooth can make it difficult to chew and can put additional pressure and wear on your other teeth.

How Does a Patient Get a Tooth Crown?

Thanks to the new CEREC in-office system, getting a permanent tooth crown can now be done in a single appointment. Simply come in, and a Boise dentist will have a look at your teeth and see what needs to be done. Once we’ve decided on a course of action with you, we’ll create a 3-D digital impression of your teeth and form the perfectly-fitting crown you need. While our CEREC machine creates the porcelain crown, a Boise dentist will prepare your tooth for it. Once the crown is ready, we’ll permanently bond it to your tooth, and you won’t have to worry about it again!

Do you think you need a dental crown? Wondering what the difference is between dental crowns and dental veneers? Take a look at our other articles, or stop by our Boise office for a chat with a dentist!