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When To Talk To Your Boise Dentist About A Full Mouth Restoration

When To Talk To Your Boise Dentist About A Full Mouth Restoration

Do you have multiple imperfections when it comes to your smile? Do you have missing teeth and want to know your replacement options? How about loose, damaged, or yellow teeth? Patients in the Treasure Valley who are faced with a wide variety of dental problems should talk to a Boise dentist who offers full mouth restorations. At Summit Dental Group, we help patients not only restore the health and function of their smile but restore beauty as well.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Candidates

At Summit Dental, our Boise dentists provide full mouth restorations for patients ready to tackle the look and function of their smile. In fact, many patients have more than one problem that they would like to address. These include:

  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Severely damaged, diseased, or decayed teeth
  • Teeth with old or lost fillings
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Yellow, stained teeth
  • Teeth with old or broken restorations

When you are ready to improve your smile, we welcome you to work with our Boise dentist, who offers full mouth restorations. Also known as a best smile restoration, a full mouth reconstruction combines a variety of treatments to enhance your entire smile. At Summit Dental, we can break up these treatments or perform most of them all at once during an extended visit to our office. These include:

  • Professional teeth whitening to eliminate any yellowing or superficial stains.
  • Porcelain veneers to cosmetically correct visible issues.
  • Dental crowns to repair broken or otherwise badly damaged teeth.
  • Dental implants or bridges to replace one or multiple missing teeth.
  • Invisalign® aligners to correct crooked teeth without the use of traditional braces.

Summit Dental Group

A full mouth restoration can incorporate multiple procedures to address your entire smile. During an initial evaluation with our Boise dentist, patients can express their concerns and come up with a plan to achieve the smile of their dreams. Interested in restoring your smile? Contact Summit Dental Group by filling our online form or call us at (208) 345-8962 regarding our full-mouth restoration services.