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Happy Mothers Day From Your Boise Dentist!

Happy Mothers Day From Your Boise Dentist!

May is a beautiful month where we get to see the seasons change and the flowers bloom. It’s also a special month in regards to celebrating one very important person in all of our lives – our mother. At Summit Dental, family is everything and since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we would like to take this time to thank all the wonderful moms out there which includes not only our wonderful patient community but all mothers throughout the entire Treasure Valley!

Being a mom is one of the greatest and most rewarding jobs. Growing up, it was most often our mother who dried our tears when we got hurt, showed us right from wrong, and always encouraged us to chase our dreams… & this Mothers Day, we would like to recognize all the moms out there that are so important to their families by providing some basic Boise dental tips when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile throughout the various stages of her life as a parent:

Expecting & New Moms

Preventive, Boise dental cleanings and annual exams for new or expecting mothers are not only safe, but important when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile. During this time, hormone levels are known to rise, especially during pregnancy, causing a variety of symptoms such as swelling & bleeding of the gums. Preventive Boise dental work while pregnant helps expectant mothers avoid oral infections such as gum disease, which has been linked to preterm birth. Good oral care is not only essential for a new or expecting mother but for the health of her baby as well.

Moms with Older Children

Children grow quickly, and a lot of mothers wonder where the time goes. With all the effort and time spent on raising children, moms often put their own health needs aside and delay things like regular checkups with their doctor or Boise dentist. For moms that are always on the go, we suggest finding ways to make it as easy as possible to maintain good oral health care at home. With younger kids, it can be fun and healthy to set aside a designated family time for brushing and flossing teeth. We also strongly encourage even the busiest of moms to take time for themselves and schedule regular doctor and Boise dental checkups.

Experienced Moms & Grandmothers

As women age, changes in hormones and other factors can increase the risk for bone loss and gum disease. Stress, sleep and diet all have an impact on oral health as well as whole-body wellness. Adults in general are leading more active lives and living longer, which means it is even more important for older women to care for their smiles and their bodies. While bone loss often first appears in the jaw, senior women may have Boise dental work such as implants, partials or dentures that need regular care. Thats why regular Boise dental checkups remain an important aspect throughout her life.


This Mothers Day, we encourage everyone to share a smile with your mom. Take her out to lunch, go to a movie together, or get her some flowers. In addition, if your mom would like a smile ‘pick-me-up’, feel free to call us & schedule an appointment. We would be happy to brighten her day and her smile! Happy Mothers Day!!