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Why Is Preventative Dental Care So Important?

Why Is Preventative Dental Care So Important?

Professional, preventive dental care is extremely important when it comes to staying ahead of any problems with your oral health.

Preventative dental care is much more than brushing and flossing them every day. When you maintain regular checkups and cleanings, you give yourself the gift of healthy teeth and gums that will benefit you for years to come.

Regular checkups and cleanings not only help you to keep your teeth clean, but they also help to prevent bigger, much more expensive problems down the road. That’s why the Boise dentists at Summit Dental Group would like to provide you with the following reasons preventative dental care is so important.

Professional Dental Care

Professional dental care is extremely important when it comes to staying ahead of any problems with your oral health. These include plaque buildup, gingivitis, and tooth decay. At Summit Dental Group, we take the time to educate our patients during their preventative appointments to provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Our Boise dentists go the extra mile for each and every one of our patients when it comes to preventative dental care. Furthermore, it’s our job to help prevent any developing issues you may have in the future. Even if you have existing dental problems, the preventative care we provide will help limit the effect these issues pose to your dental and overall health.

With early intervention, we can prevent future damage to your teeth caused by:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Gingivitis
  • Loss of protective tooth enamel
  • Cavities

A typical checkup includes:

  • Professional dental cleaning
  • A discussion about your oral habits
  • Evaluation of teeth and gum health
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • X-rays and diagnostic procedures

What To Practice At Home

In addition to regular checkups and cleanings, you can prevent tooth decay and gum disease by practicing good oral habits at home. These include avoiding foods and drinks that contain high amounts of sugar, chewy candies and dried fruits, and limiting your intake of acid-containing beverages that erode tooth enamel.

While you don’t have to give these things up completely, it’s important to limit them and to rinse your mouth out with water after consuming them. It’s also a good rule of thumb to wait at least 30 minutes after drinking an acidic beverage before brushing your teeth.

To maintain your dental and overall health, you should also stop smoking. Smoking increases the risks of developing many different cancers and gum disease. You should also limit your intake of alcohol as it can affect the soft tissues of your mouth while contributing to the growth of harmful bacteria. Furthermore, you should never chew on ice or use your teeth as tools to open packages, etc. Doing so can cause tiny cracks and fissures in your teeth.

Summit Dental Group

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