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Boise Dental Confessions: Your Boise Dentist Knows When You’re Not Brushing Or Flossing Your Teeth Correctly…

Boise Dental Confessions:  Your Boise Dentist Knows When You’re Not Brushing Or Flossing Your Teeth Correctly…

Imagine yourself waking up the morning of your Boise teeth cleaning appointment. *Gasp* Suddenly you realize you haven’t brushed your teeth since yesterday morning, and to make matters worse you haven’t had your teeth flossed since your last appointment over six months ago! You run to the bathroom to brush and floss your teeth before brushing and flossing your teeth again… As an extra measure you even swish around some mouthwash . Phew!

Since your teeth suddenly feel extra clean, and you have a minty fresh taste in your mouth, you feel confident about heading to see your Boise dentist, ready to show him just how well you take care of your teeth. After sitting you down in the dentist chair he looks you in the eye with a friendly smile, and asks how often you remember to floss.

Since you’re not technically lying, you confidently tell him, “Why I flossed just this morning!”

Your Boise dentist then nods his head, and begins cleaning your teeth. As he works at removing stains and plaque from around your teeth you wonder if he bought your response. Here at Summit Dental, we believe in telling our patients the truth, so here it is: he didn’t.

Your Boise dentist can tell how often and how well you brush and floss based on the overall appearance and health of your teeth. While your Boise dentist was probably just trying to be nice, he knew very well that you were lying. In fact, even if you floss every couple of weeks it won’t remove the plaque that builds up over time. While a quick floss helps to remove large food particles, flossing daily helps to reduce the microscopic food and bacteria particles that build up over time that form around your teeth and below your gums.

In the end, don’t let the fact that your Boise dentist is a certified tooth detective stop you from visiting us! We’ve all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect” right? The same thing applies to brushing and flossing your teeth. The more you practice the better you get at it. If you need some additional lessons on how to brush or floss correctly, just ask us. Its our job, and we’re happy to show you the right way so you can avoid the pain from doing it wrong while saving you the embarrassment of having to fib at your next Boise teeth cleaning appointment!