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Boise Dental Advice: How to make losing teeth fun!

Boise Dental Advice: How to make losing teeth fun!

When your child loses their first tooth, its natural to want to celebrate but for many children, it can also be a scary time. Not only are they dealing with the uncertainty of losing their first tooth but may be experiencing some discomfort and pain from the larger adult tooth pushing its way through their gums, forcing the smaller tooth out as well. Your Boise dentist suggests explaining to your child about this process and how it is a rite of passage. By doing so you can help them feel excited about these changes while helping them to cope with the loss of their teeth.

When does a child begin losing their teeth?

Kids will start losing their baby teeth around the age of six. Normally your child will begin losing his or her teeth in approximately the same order in which they came in. Before they start losing their teeth, parents can teach their child about the Tooth Fairy while teaching them proper Boise dental habits. Gently remind them that the Tooth Fairy only wants healthy baby teeth, not teeth with cavities. Doing so will help your child get excited about taking care of their teeth.

Caring for your child when they start losing their teeth:

1. Visit Your Boise Dentist

You can help your child prepare to lose their baby teeth by taking them to visit their Boise dentist for a Boise dental checkup. A Boise dentist will then look at their teeth, predict when they will come out and help your child understand what he or she should expect.

2. Prepare Your Children for Any Bleeding

Often times, there may be a little bleeding that accompanies a loose tooth. Gently remind them that this is nothing to worry about, and that its a natural thing that happens but it wont last very long. This will help your child eliminate any scary thoughts about losing his or her baby teeth.

3. Comfort Your Children

When your child finally loses his or her first baby tooth, its time to celebrate! Some parents choose to take this opportunity to introduce their child to the Tooth Fairy to help make the experience an exciting time rather than a scary one. Whatever you choose to do, make a big deal out of it!

By the age of 13, your child will have developed most of his or her permanent teeth; with the exception of their wisdom teeth – which usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 21. Good Boise dental habits are very important during your child’s tooth eruption and exfoliation stages. Keep in mind that the loss of a first tooth is a memorable experience for children. It is also a good time to reinforce positive Boise dental habits. Encourage your child to brush and floss their teeth twice a day for strong permanent teeth while taking them to visit their Boise dentist for regular checkups!