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Back-to-School Checkup


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Send your child to school this year with a healthy mouth!

Schedule a dental checkup for your child

With back-to-school shopping lists, class schedules, and doctor appointments, don’t overlook a dental checkup for your child. A Boise dental exam is an important part of preventative health care, and should be a regular part of back-to-school preparations. During a dental exam your child will receive the following:

  • Boise teeth cleaning & evaluation
  • Dental X-rays or other diagnostic procedures
  • Include application of sealants or fluoride treatments
  • Demonstrate proper cleaning techniques
  • Take dental X-rays or, if necessary do other diagnostic procedures

Cavities & Fillings

More than one-half of all children between the ages of five to nine years old have had at least one cavity or filling. How your Boise dentist treats the tooth decay depends on what they find. Fillings may be needed to repair mild decay while severe decay may require Boise crowns & bridges, root canals or extraction.

A filling is a substance that replaces a decayed or broken part of a tooth. Crowns are used to repair teeth that are broken or have too much decay. Summit Dental is proud to offer the technology of CEREC digital impressions to make dental restorations easier, faster, and even more accurate.

Tooth decay and cavities can be avoided if children receive regular Boise dental checkups in addition to practicing healthy oral cleaning habits. Sealants are also a great way of protecting your child’s teeth from decay by preventing bacteria and food particles from residing on the teeth. Typically sealants last several years but need to be checked during regular Boise dental exams.

Mouth guards

Taking part in athletic activities is a big part of going back to school this fall. Not only does exercise provide a host of well-documented health benefits it also comes with the risk of injury. You wouldn’t let your child play football without a helmet or padding right? Protect their teeth as well! Lower their chances of injury with a protective mouth guard.

Mouth guards help cushion blows to the face associated with various sports, and minimize the risk of broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, face and jaw. Typically mouth guards cover the upper teeth and are a great way of protecting the soft tissues of the tongue, lips and cheek lining. Your Boise dentist can help evaluate and determine what kind of mouth guard will work best, and protect your child’s teeth.

Preventative Care

Practice healthy toothbrush & flossing habits with your child. The ADA recommends having your child brush their teeth at least twice a day in order to remove food and plaque that contains bacteria and causes tooth decay and cavities. In addition to brushing, have your child floss daily, eat a healthy diet and replace their toothbrush every three to four months. Don’t forget to schedule their regular Boise dental checkup!