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Caring for your Child’s Teeth this Halloween

Caring for your Child’s Teeth this Halloween

Everyone loves Halloween, especially our little ones as this is the time of year they make out like bandits when it comes to their favorite sweet treats. In order to keep your little monsters smile healthy, the Boise dentist at Summit Dental offers some practical tips when it comes to your little monsters below:

Sort the candy together

For safety reasons, its not only vital to sort the candy together for safety reasons, but from a Boise dentist perspective, its also a time when you can separate the bad from the worst. A good rule of thumb is to let your kids pick out their top 10 favorites and put the rest away for the night. The next day have them separate the stack into two parts. Taffy, caramels, gummy bears, or anything sticky, or chewy should go into the first pile while the rest of the candy should go into the second pile.

Our Boise dentist suggests avoiding the first pile completely. We know its hard but Boise dental cavities are more prone to develop when exposed to sugary, chewy substances that linger on your teeth. Oral bacteria thrives in this environment and converts these substances to acid that in turn, can lead to cavities. Instead, steer your child toward stuff that dissolves quickly like suckers, and hard candies followed up with a good tooth brushing.

Regulate their candy consumption

Since Halloween is such a fun time for our little ones, it’s important to balance celebrating the holiday and maintaining a healthy, and teeth. Keep an eye on their sweet intake. While the amount of sugar you eat doesn’t necessarily determine whether or not you’ll get a cavity, its about how long sugars linger in your mouth. A great tip from Dr. Robert Studebaker is to set a daily limit of how many candies your child can have so you can remember how many ghoulish confections they’ve eaten. Dont let a fun holiday turn into an expensive Boise dental visit down the road.

Provide them with sugar-free gum

Not only does chewing gum help you ration your intake of sweet treats, it helps to produce saliva which in turn helps to buffer acid and dislodge left-over, sugary particles stuck in between teeth. Research has also shown that sweeteners in sugar-free gum like Xylitol and Sorbitol help to starve bad bacteria, allowing your mouth to replenish essential minerals to your teeth.

Brush & Floss!

Halloween is not a day for slacking. Its quite the opposite actually. Make sure your child sticks to their twice-a-day brushing & flossing routine to help remove any sticky residue left over from their favorite treats. In an ideal world, encourage your child to brush their teeth after eating any candy. Halloween is also a great time to schedule a Boise dental check-up or Boise teeth cleaning in order to keep your and your little ones teeth happy and healthy!


Advice from Boise Dentists: Dental Care During Holiday Meals

Advice from Boise Dentists: Dental Care During Holiday Meals
As a day that centers around an hours-long meal of iconic and sugary foods (marshmallow sweet potato casserole, pecan pie, and cranberries, for example), Thanksgiving offers plenty of opportunity for tooth decay. If you want to make sure you teeth stay healthy for Christmas, take a look at our tips for Thanksgiving Day:

Rinse with Water.

Sugary treats like candy and desserts (and even sweet fruit) provide plenty of nutrients for the bacteria in your mouth, building up plaque. The acids in these foods can stay in your mouth for 20 minutes or more, so rinse with water as soon as you are done eating, or even in between dishes.

Take a Portable Toothbrush.

Many portable toothbrushes are no longer than the palm of your hand, making them incredible easy to place in a pocket or purse. Colgate Wisps don’t even need water to use. Coming pre-pasted, these brushes also have a pick on the end of the handle so you can floss. By brushing as soon as you are done eating and before a food coma sets in, you can protect your teeth from bacteria and plaque.

Brush When You Remember.

A portable brush means you can brush whenever, not just when you get home, tired and ready to fall asleep. Even if you know you will have a few drinks or snacks later, brush when you think about it so that you can’t forget. You can always brush again later!

Eat Dessert Close to the Main Course.

Try to eat your desserts close to your meal, as your mouth produces more saliva then and can better clean and protect your teeth from sugary foods. If that is not an option, try chewing sugar-free gum with xylitol afterwards. The gum will help your mouth produce more saliva while the xylitol sweetener may even encourage enamel growth.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving with friends and family while also protecting your teeth with these great dental care tips for a holiday meal. Happy Thanksgiving from our Boise dentists and the rest of the Summit Dental office staff and team!

Flynn Davis is our March Cavity Free Super Star Winner!

Flynn Davis is our March Cavity Free Super Star Winner!

Congratulations to Flynn Davis for being our March Cavity Free Super Star Winner! Flynn, at only eight years old, is our very special winner for taking such good care of his teeth and therefore not having any cavities at his dental check-up. Keep up the great work!

All children ages 3-14 who have no cavities get to join the Summit Dental Cavity Free Super Star Program! Each child will be entered in a monthly drawing for 2 Free Movie Passes! We will also place their names on our website as we want everyone to know that we are proud of these children who have been doing a great job taking care of their teeth and gums at home!