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Why a Boise Teeth Cleaning is so Important

Why a Boise Teeth Cleaning is so Important

Thinking about skipping your upcoming cleaning appointment? While a Boise teeth cleaning should be done every six months, it can be easy to put off or to forget. However, there are some important reasons you may want to put it back on your priority list. Think about it, regular cleanings and checkups help to prevent a variety of dental and medical problems. When it comes to preventative dental care, a Boise teeth cleaning is one of the best ways to take care of your teeth and gums.

A Boise Teeth Cleaning Helps Brighten Your Smile

Although brushing and flossing are beneficial when it comes to maintaining optimal dental health, not all stains can be treated at home. A Boise teeth cleaning can help remove persistent stains leftover from coffee, tea and tobacco use. Additionally, plaque build up can harden into tartar over time. Tartar buildup can not only damage your teeth, it can promote decay and gum disease as well. At Summit Dental, our hygienists can help remove unwanted stains and tartar build-up while helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Regular Cleanings & Check-ups Help Prevent Gum Disease

Healthy gums are happy gums. Unfortunately, the #1 cause for tooth loss in adults is gum disease. While you may not notice any signs or symptoms, a checkup and Boise teeth cleaning can help to detect any changes with your gum tissue. If detected early, gum disease can be treated and reversed without surgery or extensive dental work.

Early Detection of Tooth Decay & Oral Cancer

While small cavities on the surface of a tooth are usually painless, they can become sensitive or painful when the decay reaches the deeper layers of the tooth surface. Consistent cleaning appointments will help to detect any tooth decay problems before they become more advanced. It’s also important to keep in mind that treating a small cavity is much less expensive than having to repair a whole tooth with advanced decay.

Oral cancer on the other hand is an extremely deadly form of cancer. The reason for this is because diagnosis often occurs after the cancer has become symptomatic. However, early detection can stop oral cancer in it’s tracks. With early detection, oral cancer can be cured.

Your Boise Dental Health Plays a Big Role in Overall Health

Healthy smile, healthy you. Regular dental cleanings and checkups can do more than keep your smile attractive – they can also tell your Boise dentist a lot about your overall health, including whether or not you may be at risk for chronic disease. Research suggests there is a direct relationship between gum disease and health complications such as a stroke and heart disease. Additionally, more than 90% of all systemic diseases have oral manifestation. By staying on top of regular cleanings and checkups, your Boise dentist may be the first healthcare provider to diagnose a health problem in its early stages.

If it’s been awhile since your last dental check up and Boise teeth cleaning, don’t delay. Give Summit Dental a call at (208) 345-8962 to set up an appointment!



Boise Teeth Whitening Options to Brighten Your Smile

Boise Teeth Whitening Options to Brighten Your Smile

Boise teeth whitening is one of the most popular, asked-for, cosmetic dentistry procedures today. Why? Think about it. Your smile is one of the first things people see. Not only does a bright smile boost self-confidence, it commands the attention of everyone you meet. Unfortunately though, many people often find themselves hiding their smiles due to yellowed or stained teeth. At Summit Dental we offer a variety of teeth whitening Boise options that will help to eliminate stubborn & embarrassing stains while enhancing the overall look of your smile.

Understanding Discoloration

When considering a professional Boise teeth whitening treatment, it’s important to understand what causes your teeth to become discolored. While it seems like teeth are smooth and hard like porcelain, tooth enamel is actually composed of microscopic pores that gradually become stained over time as we age. Over the years tooth enamel is eventually worn down, becoming more and more transparent, allowing the color of dentin – the core material of your tooth – to show through.

While discoloration is a natural sign of aging, there are other common teeth staining causes:

  • Food & drinks –  Red wine, coffee, tea, cola, berries, pasta sauces, vinegars, etc., can all contribute to enamel erosion and cause considerable staining over time
  • Smoking – Nicotine from cigarettes & chewing tobacco leaves behind brown residue that slowly soaks into the tooth enamel causing discoloration.
  • Medications & Mouthrinses – Antihistamines like Benadryl, and mouthwashes that contain chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride can stain teeth.
  • Poor Dental Hygiene – Inadequate brushing, flossing, and rinsing can lead to an overabundance of plaque and stain-causing residues.

Discoloration comes in two forms: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic stains are surface level stains left over from what you eat and drink. Brushing your teeth at home with an over-the-counter whitening toothpaste helps to remove normal extrinsic stains acquired throughout the day. Intrinsic stains on the other hand are located below the enamel and are caused by years of stain exposure.

Boise Teeth Whitening Options

At Summit Dental, we recommend having your teeth cleaned by one of our dental hygienists twice a year in order to remove built up tartar and plaque. A professional Boise teeth cleaning also includes tooth scaling and tooth polishing. During your teeth cleaning appointment and exam, you can then ask to have your teeth professionally whitened. Below are some of the teeth whitening options we offer:

  • One hour, in office “laser” whitening – This procedure is ideal for patients who want fast results and are not interested in at-home treatments.
  • At-home tray whitening – This procedure involves the patient wearing a custom dental tray for approximately 30 minutes per day, while at home, until desired results occur.
  • Crest Professional White Strips – These white strips are 4 times stronger and faster than the store bought brand Crest White Strips.

Keep in mind that teeth whitening results vary from person to person. Before beginning a Boise teeth whitening process, consult with your Boise dentist for a realistic idea of what you can expect to achieve and how long it should take to achieve them. It’s also important to note that over whitening can also cause loss of enamel, or translucent or unnatural looking teeth. A good rule of thumb is that the color of your teeth should match the whites of your eyes.

To ensure the health and beauty of your smile, schedule an appointment at Summit Dental before choosing over-the-counter tooth whiteners. As your #1 Boise dentist, we take pride in the dental services we offer and promise to make the best recommendation based on your individual needs. Call us at (208) 345-8962 today!

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What Happens During a Professional Boise Teeth Cleaning

What Happens During a Professional Boise Teeth Cleaning

When you come in for your routine Boise teeth cleaning, you will be seen by both your Boise dentist, and a dental hygienist. The job of your dental hygienist is to check the health of your teeth and gums, as well as to clean and polish your teeth before giving some advice for at-home dental care. Below is what you can expect from your next Boise dental visit:

Cleaning: During a professional Boise teeth cleaning, the main goal is to remove any tartar buildup from your teeth and below the gumline. While brushing and flossing regularly at home will help to reduce plaque buildup, missed spots of plaque here and there easily turn into tartar, which your at-home toothbrush can’t remove. Therefore, you need to see your Boise dentist at Summit Dental Group to have the tartar properly removed form your teeth.

Polishing: Once the tartar has been removed from your teeth, your Boise dental hygienist will then polish and finish cleaning your smile. During this time they will use an abrasive paste and a rotating rubber brush to give your teeth a deep down clean.

Preventive Care: Once your teeth have been thoroughly cleaned, your Boise dental hygienist will talk to you about your at-home brushing habits. They will also provide you with pointers and tips on how to care for you smile that will reduce the chances of plaque and tartar buildup. If you have any questions about your Boise dental health, this will be the perfect time to have your questions answered.

How often should I see my Boise dentist for a teeth cleaning?
Everyone should see their Boise dentist approximately every six months for routine cleanings and exams. Those who are at a higher risk of developing gum disease or decay may require more frequent visits to their Boise dentist to make sure their smiles remain healthy. Talk to your dentist at Summit Dental Group about how often you should be coming in for your cleaning.

If it’s time to schedule your next biannual Boise dental visit, contact us today!



New Year, New Smile With a Best Smile Restoration

New Year, New Smile With a Best Smile Restoration

With the New Year upon us, now is a great time to start planning some changes for the better in your life. Starting fresh, lets leave behind bad habits, negative attitudes, and unhealthy behaviors. And what else should you be leaving behind in 2015? How about yellowed teeth, crooked smiles, chips and gaps? Let’s make 2016 the year of your best smile restoration with the professional dentistry services from your Boise dentist at Summit Dental Group!

Start the New Year Out Right with a Best Smile Restoration

Oftentimes, people feel that there is nothing they can do to change the smile that makes them feel uncomfortable or less confident. While most of us have probably tried every whitening toothpaste on the market, it’s important to know that years of staining cannot simply be erased at home. Your teeth may have even resigned themselves to being overcrowded, crooked or gaping. But what you don’t realize is that there is an option for all these Boise dental problems: a best smile restoration! A best smile restoration can provide you with a smile that you can be proud of with straight, even, bright white teeth.

Tooth enamel staining often occurs from years of poor Boise dental habits, smoking or even some medications. However, a best smile restoration can help. Part of this procedure can include a Boise teeth cleaning combined with a professional whitening treatment that can lift away yellow and brown stains, leaving you with the white smile you’ve always dreamed of!

A best smile restoration can also include fixing teeth that are misaligned, broken or crooked. Fixing these teeth can help to correct your bite, providing you with a confident, gleaming smile. You can even fill in the gaps between your teeth with the help of Boise tooth implants, or Boise crowns and bridges that are customized to fill in those spaces.

Summit Dental Group

If you have questions about some of our best smile restoration treatment options, or it’s just been a while since you’ve had a cleaning or talked to your Boise dentist, now’s the time to make an appointment… We hope to see you soon!


Happy Thanksgiving From Your Boise Dentist!

Happy Thanksgiving From Your Boise Dentist!

Today is the day to catch up with family members, and count your blessings while being grateful for all that is good in your life. Not to mention eating all the excellent feast of foods! However, the holiday season is no time to slack on your Boise dental care! To keep you happy and healthy this Thanksgiving, your Boise dentist has compiled the following Boise dental tips:

Shorten Your Meal Time. The length of a typical Thanksgiving meal can be one of the most damaging aspects to your Boise dental health. While it’s important to enjoy the company of your family and friends throughout the day, it’s also important to keep in mind that exposing your teeth to continuing foods can make it easier for cavity causing bacteria to accumulate in your mouth. Instead of passing the time by constantly eating, focus this time on sharing stories, watching movies, or playing games.

Stay Hydrated. Drinking water while enjoying rich, sweet foods helps to wash away debris and prevent plaque formation. Lightly rinsing your mouth with a swallow of water between bites helps to improve saliva flow that helps to fight off cavities. Water is also an excellent replacement for more damaging drink options like juice or soda.

Brush and Floss. Take about thirty minutes after you’ve finished eating to brush and floss your teeth. You can also bring xylitol gum to chew after the meal, which could help wipe away leftover food particles on your teeth, improve your saliva flow, and assist with your digestion.

Ditch the sticky sides. Side dishes like cranberry sauce not only stick to your teeth for hours they also happen to be acidic, creating an ideal environment for bacteria to infect your gums and eat through your enamel. Other sticky offenders are pecan pie and mashed potatoes. If you do indulge it’s important to make sure you swish with water after eating and brush your teeth to wipe away the gummy remains.

Make a Post-Holiday Boise Teeth Cleaning Appointment. While we all grieve the holiday weight gain, the desserts and long meals associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas are also tough on your teeth. A post-holiday Boise teeth cleaning can help scrub your teeth and prevent any issue before they become uncomfortable or costly. Keep in mind that your Boise dentist can also perform a variety of best smile restoration options including a Boise teeth whitening treatment to provide you with a brighter smile for holiday photos and celebrations.



Avoiding Common Boise Dental Problems

Avoiding Common Boise Dental Problems

Problem 1: Tooth decay

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria form a sticky film on your teeth called plaque. Plaque eventually hardens and becomes tartar, which eats holes (cavities) into the teeth. Your Boise dentist recommends limiting your exposure to sugary foods and beverages, brushing and flossing regularly, and scheduling a Boise teeth cleaning and checkup every six months.

Problem 2: Bad breath

The key to avoiding bad breath is to eliminate odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. A firm Boise dental routine that includes brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash all go a long way toward fresher breath. Keep in mind that it’s also important to brush your tongue as well. If you’re still experiencing chronic bad breath, it’s important to contact your Boise dentist for more aggressive treatment options.

Problem 3: Gum disease

Brushing and flossing on a regular basis helps to remove bacteria from your gums. However, if you start to notice symptoms of gingivitis, the beginning stage of gum disease, it’s important to see your Boise dentist right away. Symptoms include: bleeding gums, pain, and swelling. The key is to catch gum disease early, while it can still be treated.

Problem 4: Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Teeth grinding can lead to several Boise dental health problems, including headaches, heavy wear, and sometimes broken teeth. A mouth guard helps to prevent you from grinding your teeth by providing a barrier between your top and bottom teeth. Reducing stress levels is another good way to reduce the amount of teeth grinding that you do.

Problem 5: Stained or discolored teeth

Teeth can become discolored due to age, genetics and lifestyle choices. Avoiding dark beverages such as coffee, tea, cola, and red wine can also help prevent tooth discoloration. Avoid tobacco use as well, and be sure to practice good oral hygiene. However, if you would like to whiten your smile, your Boise dentist can help with a Boise teeth cleaning in combination with a Boise teeth whitening treatment.

Don’t wait until you’re experiencing a painful Boise dental emergency to begin taking care of your teeth and gums. Good oral hygiene and regular Boise dental appointments can go a long way toward preventing serious oral health problems!




Back to School? Back To Your Boise Dentist!

Back to School? Back To Your Boise Dentist!

Its that time of year again! This fall, kids everywhere are gearing up to go back to school. While it’s fun to make sure they have the latest wardrobe, and school supplies for the new school year, its also a great time to make sure they visit their Boise dentist with a regular Boise dental exam!

Unfortunately, tooth decay is considered one the most prominent childhood illnesses coming in second to the common cold. If left untreated, tooth decay can weaken a child’s ability to talk, eat, focus and sleep. Your Boise dentist recommends that all children should have their first Boise dental visit by the time they celebrate their first birthday or first tooth. In fact, the sooner a child visits their Boise dentist for a Boise dental health problem the easier it is to restore.

Your Boise dentist recommends regular visits to check, monitor and maintain your child’s Boise dental development while educating them and you about their Boise dental health care. Emphasizing proactive Boise dental procedures during the course of your child’s growth and development can certainly help encourage excellent, lifelong Boise dental care habits in order to maintain a healthy smile. It also helps a little one to develop a comfortable relationship with their Boise dentist to prevent any anxiety associated with future Boise dental visits.

If it’s been awhile since your child’s last Boise dental visit, a back-to-school Boise dental check-up is recommended. Make sure your child starts off the new school year with a healthy and happy smile while providing them with the confidence they deserve!


Protecting Your Smile & Your Heart

Protecting Your Smile & Your Heart

While we all know that it’s important to take care of your mouth, research suggests that your Boise dental health has an even bigger impact on your life than you even realize. At Summit Dental Group, we provide general dentistry treatments that not only help our patients maintain their smile but improve their overall health as well. We pride ourselves in helping our patients (big or small) enjoy their beautiful smiles in addition to an excellent quality of life. We consider our patients as members of our family, and we are committed to educating you about the connection between your Boise dental health and your general wellness. Below is some information linking dental care to your heart health:

Gum Disease

Plaque is known to coat your teeth in bacteria, increasing your risk for cavities but did you know that it can also develop beneath your gums causing periodontal infections? There are two stages of gum disease & the first is gingivitis. People with gingivitis develop swelling gum tissue that is tender. A sign that you might suffer from this condition is bleeding caused from flossing. If caught early, gingivitis can be easily treated with improved Boise dental hygiene. However, if left untreated, gingivitis (gum disease) can progress into periodontitis – an advanced condition of gingivitis in which the gums actually begin to pull away from the teeth forming pockets of harmful bacteria. Periodontitis then leads to either tooth loss, systemic infection, or both. This form of gum disease may require more intensive treatments such as deep cleaning, or in severe cases, oral surgery.

Periodontal & Cardiac Health

Health studies suggest there is a correlation between cardiac (heart) health and periodontal (gum) health. Patients who suffer from gum disease are more likely to have heart conditions compared to those who dont. The Academy of General Dentistry has actually found that patients with persistent periodontal infections are more vulnerable to heart attacks. In addition, a report from the Journal of the American Heart Association has reported that subjects who lost teeth to periodontitis were 57% more likely to suffer from a potentially life-threatening stroke. While researchers still don’t fully understand the relationship between oral health and heart disease, they do however believe it can be the result of systemic inflammation and infection.

How to Protect Your Heart Health

While the studies on Boise dental care and your heart health can be sobering, they also allow you to take simple yet effective steps for preventing your risk. Your Boise dentist suggests taking the following steps to keep your gums clean and healthy:

  • Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day.
  • Floss your teeth between meals, or at least once per day. *This is especially important because flossing is the only way to remove unwanted plaque between teeth and beneath the gum tissue.
  • Visit your Boise dentist for biannual cleanings and exams. During your visit, your Boise dentist will assess your gums for any swelling or other signs of gum disease. If you happen to be diagnosed with periodontal infection, don’t panic, he can prescribe you with an appropriate treatment to address this condition.

In conclusion, the first step to improving your well being is to understand what influences it. To learn more about gum disease and your cardiovascular health, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with your Boise dentist.


Finding the Right Boise Teeth Whitening Option For You

Finding the Right Boise Teeth Whitening Option For You

The dentists at Summit Dental like to go the extra mile when it comes to treating our patients within the Treasure Valley. Not only do we offer the latest in general and cosmetic dentistry but best smile restorations and advanced Boise teeth whitening as well.

Given the popularity of today’s  Boise teeth whitening treatments, we would like to provide you with some of the basics when it comes to your Boise teeth whitening options:

Over-the-Counter Boise Teeth Whitening Products

Over-the-counter Boise teeth whitening products can often be purchased at most drugstores and grocery stores. You’ve also probably seen quite a few of them advertised on television as well. These type of Boise teeth whitening products often come in various forms:

  • Mouthwashes
  • Toothpastes
  • Tray Systems
  • Chewing Gums
  • Boise teeth whitening strips

What is the effectiveness of these over-the-counter Boise teeth whitening products?

However, the effectiveness of these types of over-the-counter Boise teeth whitening treatments vary. Generally speaking, the tray systems and whitening strips are the most effective options when it comes to any actual teeth whitening results. The least effective are the mouthwashes, toothpastes, and chewing gum.

Professional Boise Teeth Whitening

A professional Boise teeth whitening refers to treatments that are performed in the office, or with professional-grade kits provided by your Boise dentist for a patient’s use at home. Whether in-office or at-home, these treatments are the most effective Boise teeth whitening option available, and are quite popular when it comes to the finishing touches of your personalized best smile restoration.

How effective is a professional Boise teeth whitening?

A professional Boise teeth whitening treatment is an excellent way to remove even the toughest of Boise dental stains. By visiting your Boise dentist, he will be able to brighten your smile several shades in just one single session. By comparison, at-home treatments provided by your Boise dentist can also leave your smile looking just as pristine.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

A professional Boise teeth whitening provides the following benefits that over-the-counter products simply do not offer:

  • Safer treatments.
  • Faster Boise teeth whitening results.
  • Customized treatment under careful supervision.

Alternatives to Professional Teeth Whitening

Sometimes certain Boise dental stains are extreme or originate from within the tooth rather than topically. In such cases, a Boise teeth whitening may have limited to little effect when it comes to brightening a tooth. In such cases, there are other Boise teeth whitening alternatives when it comes to your best smile restoration. Some of the most popular alternatives to a Boise teeth whitening are:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Boise dental bonding
  • Boise crowns and bridges

Finding the Right Boise Teeth Whitening Option for You

During a consultation with your Boise dentist at Summit Dental, we will be sure to consider your type of tooth discoloration as well as the optimal way in which it can be treated. Depending on your personal needs, a combination of various treatments may be recommended if you suffer from multiple or major Boise dental issues.

Schedule a Consultation with Your Boise Dentist

To learn more about your Boise teeth whitening options and how it can help provide you with the bright smile you’ve always wanted, be sure to contact our office at Summit Dental Group today. Our team looks forward to helping you achieve excellent Boise dental health in addition to a beautiful smile!



Easy Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Teeth & Gums

Easy Lifestyle Changes for Healthy Teeth & Gums

Everyone wants to flash a beautiful smile. However, not everyone practices the daily habits that support a healthy mouth. Things like smoking, chewing ice, forgetting to floss, or not brushing long enough can not only dull that happy smile of yours but may be diminishing your Boise dental health as well. At Summit Dental, we care about our patients, and we’re here to help you nix some of these bad habits while helping your pick up some healthier ones.

Your Boise dentist knows you’re busy, so this week we’ve decided to condense the following post into six easy changes you can start making today in order to improve your overall Boise dental health:

Brush For Two Minutes

Research & your Boise dentist both suggest that optimal brushing results are achieved within a two minute time period while holding a soft bristled brush at a 45 degree angle. It’s also important to replace your toothbrush every two months to help reduce the buildup of harmful bacteria. In addition to brushing twice a day, it’s also important to floss after meals.

An Apple a Day

An apple a day keeps the dentist/doctor away! It’ll also do the same to harmful bacteria. By eating an apple a day or other fruits in general, does a lot of good for your Boise dental health. The process of chewing an apple helps to stimulate the gums while increasing the flow of saliva in your mouth which is nature’s natural cleanser. *Keep in mind that a dry mouth is more susceptible to bacteria growth.

Drink Green Tea

Research also suggests that green tea can be a great contributor to your Boise dental health. The ingredients that make up green tea help to make your mouth less susceptible to bacteria while helping to prevent cavities and gum disease. Drinking green tea on a regular basis also helps to provide you with fresher breath!

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Sugar. It’s everywhere these days and in practically every processed food or sweet treat you can imagine. Unfortunately while most of us tend to think of expanding waistlines when it comes to sugar, many of us forget that sugar also clings to your teeth, causing cavities to develop. Just as you would promote a healthy diet, it’s just as important to limit your sugar intake to promote a healthier Boise dental lifestyle as well. While it’s impossible to avoid many of the sugary treats we love so much, try making simple changes, like not adding sugar to your coffee or tea (*yes, even your green tea), and avoiding candies, soda, and other processed foods…

Stop Smoking

As we covered in last weeks post, smoking is bad for you in all sorts of ways, and your Boise dental health is no exception. In addition to making your teeth yellow, smoking can also blacken your gums! Yuck! Even worse, smoking makes your gums less healthy while increasing your risk of developing gum disease among so many other things…

Schedule Regular Visits to Your Boise Dentist

In addition to each of these healthy habits, be sure to visit your Boise dentist for a regular Boise teeth cleaning and checkup. Need extra help? Have you let any of your bad,Boise dental habits persist for too long? No worries, your Boise dentist at Summit Dental is here to help with all your best smile restoration needs. No matter the service, contact us today to help get your smile back on track!