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Wisdom Teeth: Why Do They Need To Be Removed?

Wisdom Teeth: Why Do They Need To Be Removed?

Wondering if your wisdom teeth can stay? You might be better off having your Boise dentist remove them at a younger age rather than putting it off and dealing with the complications they cause later. Here are three instances when you might want to consider wisdom teeth removal:

1. Wisdom Teeth Removal When Misaligned

This is one of the main reasons patients get their wisdom teeth removed. Instead of growing straight up or down, many wisdom teeth will grow sideways into your other teeth, out towards or jaw, or in towards your tongue. When growing towards your other teeth, they can cause a lot of pain and pressure and can even cause your other teeth to move. When growing out or in, the wisdom teeth can cause problems with the jawbone or nerves.

2. Wisdom Teeth Removal When Partially Erupted

If your wisdom teeth have managed to come in straight, you still might not be out of the woods. Sometimes wisdom teeth, especially the bottom molars, don’t come in all the way, leaving a flap of gum over the tooth that is great for holding bacteria and staving off your toothbrush.  That makes these teeth much more prone to infection and disease. While you can cut off this flap of gum, it will just grow back.

3. Wisdom Teeth Removal When Infected

Several studies have linked wisdom teeth in older adults to increased infections and cavities, which in turn affect your overall health. Even if your wisdom teeth come in straight and don’t crowd your other teeth, they may be more trouble than they are worth with the cavities, root canals, and infections many people experience with them. It’s not just cavities—gum infections and even cysts are more common complaints as well. Wisdom teeth are so much more prone to cavities due to their hard-to-reach location.

With all the hassle associated with wisdom teeth, many professionals recommend wisdom teeth removal when you are in your teens or early twenties before any problems start. The roots of wisdom teeth are not fully formed at that point, and the teeth don’t have enough time to push around your other teeth or cause other damage. Wisdom teeth removal for patients who are under 25 years old are very predictable and rarely result in complications.

Stop by and talk with our Boise dentists about your wisdom teeth removal options, or give our Boise office a call for more information!



Our Boise Dentists Will Suggest Boise Dental X-rays When….

It can be hard to know when you’ll need dental X-rays. Below, we talk about several reasons why our Boise dentists and staff may recommend them:

You are a new dental patient. If we are just getting to know you, we will usually start with a comprehensive new patient exam. That includes a thorough examination of the teeth and mouth, a cancer and periodontal screening, and dental X-rays. This way, we can get to understand as much as possible about your oral health right away.

It’s your annual exam. We generally recommend that our dental patients get Boise dental X-rays every two years at their annual appointment. Of course, this will depend on your oral health, medical history, and your risk for dental disease. By getting dental X-rays every two years, we can stay one step ahead of any bone loss or disease.

You are growing up. Kids generally need more X-rays than adults because their teeth are still growing and developing, and they are more vulnerable to tooth decay. Our Boise Dentists may need to take an X-ray to see how teeth are growing or whether there are any other problems.

You need implants or a crown. Dental X-rays give our Boise Dentists the proper map to put in an implant or add a crown. It can tell them if you have enough bone mass for an implant or if there are any problems that could interfere with a procedure.

Dental X-rays allow our Boise Dentists to see bone loss, tooth decay, the effect of trauma, and even cancer. While you usually only get dental X-rays every few years, things like cavities or a dental procedure may make dental X-rays the best choice. Have more questions about dental X-rays? Stop by our Boise office and ask us!



Read About Dr. Robert Studebaker’s son’s Class Visit!

Summit Dental 2013 03 20We were pleased to have Dr. Robert Studebaker ‘s son’s class come and visit our office! Our staff had so much fun showing them what we do every day, and we are happy to share what they learned with you:

Boise Office Tour

The class got a whole tour of the office as we showed them what happens when you visit our Boise dentists. They loved our famous waiting room fish tank and our kids waiting area. A large TV, lots of Pixar movie options, and plenty of games and books are some of the favorite things you can find in our kids waiting area. When we moved into the patient rooms, the kids could see our new, spacious patient rooms that let in plenty of natural light as well.

In the Dental Chair

In one of the patient rooms, Dr. Studebaker’s son, Will, sat in the dental chair and showed his classmates how to open big so that the doctor could see and count how many teeth he had. Our staff had a great time using our “show, tell, do” philosophy to explain what happens at a dental appointment. We showed the class some of our tools and told them what they were called. We give everything in the office kid-friendly names, such as calling the water sprayer and air sprayer “rain” and “wind.” We will often let the kids feel the water sprayer on their hands so they know what it feels like. Everyone in the class was so well-behaved and had a great time sitting in the dental chair.

Learning about Kids’ Dental Care

The kids also learned how to brush and take care of their teeth.  We showed the class how to brush their teeth lightly, making sure to get all the way to their back teeth. We sometimes recommend teaching kids a song so that they can remember how long to brush their teeth as well. Finally, we talked about flossing and how important it is to keep their teeth clean. In fact, Summit has a Cavity Free Kids Club for every child who comes to their appointment without a cavity. Once a month, we draw a winner who gets two free movie tickets!

We loved having Will’s class visit our Boise office! It was so fun to show them around the office and teach them about how to take care of their teeth. Hopefully we will see some of them again soon!


Our Favorite Boise Shops for Dessert!

Our Favorite Boise Shops for Dessert!

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? We love a good cup of coffee or a delightful pastry, so here are our Boise dentists’ favorite places to go for coffee or dessert!

Our Boise staff love their coffee and can recommend several places around town where you can great mocha or regular coffee. Stop by Dutch Brothers for a latte on the go on your way to work, or choose one of the delicious monster scones at Big City Coffee when walking around downtown Boise. We also think Moxie Java offers some of the best blended iced coffees, perfect for hot summer weather! For a little more of the sweet stuff, we have to recommend the donuts and coffee at DK Donuts. This place has been around forever and still serves some of the best and freshest donuts in town!

A’Tavola is one of our favorite restaurants in all things—from lunch to dessert! The atmosphere, the gourmet food, and the sweets make it a great place. They serve locally-roasted coffee from Dawson Taylor, and have a beautiful display of yummy goodies to choose from. If you are looking for a great dessert date or a place to meet a friend, stop here for unique and delicious pastries.

If you love taking the kids to get ice cream or milkshakes, make sure you get the best sundaes in town at Goody’s Goodies in Hyde Park, or head to Blue Cow or U-Swirl for a great frozen yogurt. Our Boise dentists and staff love Goody’s not only for their great ice cream and old-fashioned feel, but also for their excellent location. We love the historic neighborhood, full of antique stores and specialty shops for browsing, in addition to its several summer festivals and events. When you are wondering where to take your kids for a frozen yogurt, we love Blue Cow for their unique flavors like peppermint stick and eggnog, while U-Swirl is great with Candy treats like Reese’s frozen yogurt, in addition to having other seasonal flavors.

While we love to go out for a cup of coffee and a donut or ice cream, we also know the importance of taking care of our teeth after eating something sweet.  It is always best to brush your teeth right away, but when this is not possible, at least swish with water and chew sugar free gum or mints, as this will help stimulate saliva flow to help buffer and clear the sugary treats.

We hope you enjoy a dessert from one of our recommendations! What are some of your favorite places to snack?