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The Chocolate Drawer and Other Favorites: What Our Hygienists and Office Staff Love About Summit

The Chocolate Drawer and Other Favorites: What Our Hygienists and Office Staff Love About Summit
We’ve been wondering what your favorite things about Summit Dental are, so we thought we’d share a few more of ours as well. Here are three of our hygienists’ and office staff’s favorite things about working at Summit Dental Group.


The chocolate drawer. One of our office’s longest traditions, the chocolate drawer is a place for everybody to grab their favorite piece of candy. It is full of any and every kind of chocolate, from Twix to Milky Way to Hersey chocolate bars. We all take turns filling the drawer as well so it always has a good stock, just what we need if we’re having a rough day or need a late afternoon pick-me-up. We can’t quite remember how it started besides the fact that we have an office full of women, so of course chocolate is a great idea!


Office field-trips. These trips are a great time for us to hang out and relax together while creating a solid team environment. They may be as simple as a few rounds of Frisbee golf, or we might make a longer day out of it by floating on the river. One year we even rented a bus and went down to Jackpot to check out the concerts and casinos! Made to bring us together as a team, these fieldtrips include some of our favorite memories of Summit Dental.


The Summit gang. Of course the staff and team at Summit are what make working at this dental office such a great experience. We get along so well together and have such a great work atmosphere. You’ve already heard some of our favorite places to get together for lunch or drinks so you know what a great time we can have! In addition to going out together after work or during lunch, we also like to throw together a girls’ getaway where we go out for dinner or try a new project. Some of our favorite times include going to a ceramics place to paint pottery, or heading to Need to Bead for some creativity.


With something like a chocolate drawer, you have to know that Summit Dental Group is a great place to work with an environment that is hard to beat, whether for us or for you as our patients. Of course, something like a chocolate drawer or office fieldtrip is just the cherry on top of a great working environment, made possible by our amazing team of dentists and staff!