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Privacy, Comfort, Technology: A Perfect Recipe for Great Dental Patient Rooms!

Privacy, Comfort, Technology: A Perfect Recipe for Great Dental Patient Rooms!
With the new office opening on August 1st, we’d love to share more about what makes the new office so impressive! You’ve already heard about the great location and our Boise dental office’s amazingly friendly environment, so now we’d like to share three important things about our new patient rooms:


Privacy. Floor-to-ceiling walls make sure every patient has the privacy they need during their dental visits. With private patient rooms, patients will not be disturbed by other’s appointments, and patients will not have to worry about sharing space. A quiet and peaceful environment makes every appointment better for the doctor, patient, and family members! Don’t forget about our private patient check-in and check-out as well.


Comfort. Not only is each patient room very private, our patient rooms are also spacious and relaxing. Appealing wall colors, dark wood floors, and plenty of natural light make these rooms warm and inviting. Our patient rooms are also easily accessible from the waiting room, so no squeezing around furniture or zigzagging through several narrow hallways.


Technology. Of course, what can help a patient relax more than a movie or TV show? Each patient room is equipped with a flat screen television attached to the ceiling, and patients can choose from our many satellite TV channels, or they can decide on a movie to watch during the entire appointment (we have plenty of options for kids and adults). So be sure to bring your headphones!


Not only do we offer the latest technology for watching movies, we are also proud to have top-of-the-line dental technology throughout our Boise office. Each patient room is equipped with the latest dental technology so that every appointment can run smoothly, without relying on borrowing equipment from room to room.


Between our beautiful and natural room designs, private patient rooms and check-in, and latest technology, we are confident every patient will feel comfortable and relaxed at our new office space. Don’t just take our word for it, though—stop by and check it out for yourself! We’d love to say hello and show you around.