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Great Children’s Books on Dental Health

Trying to find a collection of books that will get your kids interested in dental health? Below are plenty of books for kids in preschool through junior high.

Books About Going to the Dentist

Image via Flickr by madgerly

Image via Flickr by madgerly

Your kids can follow their favorite characters to the dentist with the Bernstein Bears Go to the Dentist or Just Going to the Dentist by Mercer Mayer. There’s even a Dora the Explorer book called Show Me Your Smile.

Books About Losing a Tooth put together a list of books, including The Lost Tooth Club by Arden Johnson, A Tooth Story by Margaret McNamara, and Wibble Wobble by Miriam Moss. If you are looking for a book about the tooth fairy, try The Night Before the Tooth Fairy by Natasha Wing. Frogwarts and the Tooth Fairy by Jerry Jindrich is an online book, too.

Books About Brushing Your Teeth

Babble has a great list of books on brushing your teeth, but we like Have You Ever Seen a Moose Brush His Teeth? by Jamie McClaine and April Goodman Willy. It’s cute and funny and, of course, about brushing teeth. For a more informative and motivating book, try Open Wide, Tooth School Inside by Laurie Keller. It’s got a lot of great facts and is prett entertaining. You can also read a book about a class that puts on a play about dental care called The School Play by Rosemary Wells.

Books for Older Kids

While children’s books can help younger kids understand what a dental visit is, older kids can also benefit from a book like How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston. It’s a novel about a popular junior high girl who gets braces, and reviewers call it hilarious and heartfelt. Smile is another coming-of-age story revolving around dental gear by author Raina Telgemeier.

Did we miss your favorite book on dental health? If so, let us know!