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Advice From Boise Dentists: FAQs About Dental Care During Pregnancy

Wondering how to take care of your teeth during pregnancy? These frequently asked questions will help you know when to schedule an appointment and how you can keep your teeth healthy during pregnancy!

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Should I Put Off My Preventative Dental Appointments Until After Pregnancy?

No. In fact, the American Pregnancy Association actually recommends that you pay more attention to dental care during pregnancy, and that includes preventative dental appointments. Pregnancy can make gums swell, causing cavities, irritation, and even gum disease. That’s why doctors recommend that you increase your preventative dental care during pregnancy.

Should I Get Crowns and Cavities Treated, Too?

Yes. By waiting to treat things like decay, you put yourself at a greater risk for infection.  What you should avoid is elective surgery like teeth whitening. Dental procedures like a tooth extraction or root canal fall in the middle—schedule them after the pregnancy if you can, but there is no harm in the procedure should an emergency come up during your pregnancy.

What About Dental X-Rays?

With very minimal radiation levels, dental X-rays are completely safe during pregnancy. Digital dental X-rays have even lower levels of radiation as well. However, many people avoid them during the first trimester to be extra cautious. So if you are looking at a non-emergency procedure that requires an x-ray, wait to get an X-ray until the second trimester to avoid any potential risks. The first trimester is when fetal organ development occurs, so it’s best to avoid any potential risks at this time.

Why Do Doctors Recommend I Schedule Any Dental Procedures Before the Third Trimester?

Many women have trouble being comfortable laying on their back long enough for a dental procedure during the third trimester, so you’ll be more comfortable if you get any procedures done before this time. It certainly isn’t harmful, though! And if you experience any pain, be sure to come in anyway. Our awesome team of Boise dentists and staff will work with you to keep the appointment short and you comfortable.

Do you have any questions about dental care during pregnancy? Stop by our office or email us, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. We might even blog about it here!