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Boise Dentists Discuss: Generalized Sensitivity and Over Aggressive Brushing

Rarely is there a day that goes by that as Boise Dentists we do not see a patient with a case of tooth abrasion caused by over aggressive tooth brushing. This usually presents itself as a saucer shaped concavity near the gum line of the teeth. A lot of the time patients report some generalized sensitivity as well from this condition.
     The cause of the tooth abrasion is generally using too much pressure against the base of the tooth with a toothbrush. This along with a non soft-bristle toothbrush, or a more abrasive toothpaste are the major factors contributing to this condition.
     Recommendations to help prevent further abrasion of the teeth would be too lighten up on the pressure. All that is required to properly clean the teeth is the pressure you would generate from holding the toothbrush between your index finger and thumb. A soft bristle brush is always recommended as well. The ideal brush is an electric toothbrush that you simply place on all the surfaces of the teeth and it does all the work for you, no extra pressure required. Top brand name electric toothbrushes can be found in our Boise Dental office or at the supermarket for an affordable price. Some recommendations for tooth sensitivity would be trying an over-the-counter toothpaste for sensitivity, or prescription strength with higher concentration of fluoride and/or desensitizing agents. Hopefully this advice helps, and the number one thing to remember is lighten up…