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When a Patient Needs Boise Dental Bridges

Image via Flickr by Hoong Wei Long

While Boise dental implants are the preferred alternative for lost teeth, some patients may not be a good candidate for dental implants and may need a dental bridge. Boise patients may need a dental bridge if …

The Patient Has Lost Multiple Teeth

With this method, often called implant-supported Boise dental bridges, implants are still used for every lost tooth. However, instead of placing several independent crowns on each tooth, our Boise dentists will instead place a temporary bridge (a connected set of the missing teeth) with the Boise dental implants. This gives you, our dental patient, the benefit of implant support while also ensuring that neighboring teeth do not move and that you leave with a perfectly aligned bite. You can later get the needed individual crowns for each tooth.

The Patient Has Significant Bone Loss

If the teeth have been missing for a long time, you may require a bone graft to ensure that an implant will have enough bone around it to support it. If, however, you are not eligible for a bone graft, you may not be able to get dental implants and will instead need a dental bridge, Boise dental crown, or other cosmetic teeth dental fix.

The Patient Has a Chronic and Severe Disease

When getting Boise tooth implants, your body needs to have its natural ability to heal itself and ward off infection.  As this article explains, having a chronic illness does not immediately exclude you from getting a dental implant. It depends on the severity of the disease as well as other factors unique to your case. If you have severe issues with hemophilia or uncontrolled diabetes, or if you have significant immune deficiencies, you may not be a good candidate for a dental implant and may need Boise dental bridges or removable dental restorations.

The Unique Case for the Dental Bridge

Boise dental bridges were the standard for decades and can still be good options for those who cannot receive a dental implant. These are the unique cases when our Boise dentists may recommend an alternative treatment for Boise dental implants.