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New Technology for Boise Crowns and Bridges: CEREC Digital Impression Technology

We are so excited to share our new CEREC digital impression technology with every Idaho patient! Our Boise Dentists have highlighted three things the CEREC system now offers for Boise crowns and bridges:

The Omnicam

This wand-like camera allows us to quickly create a digital and pain-free impression of your teeth. No more goop and gagging for any patient! We simply run the Omnicam over your teeth so that it can pick up the exact contour of your teeth and feed it to the CEREC digital impression program. While some of these devices requires a fine powder placed on your teeth for the most accurate results, this high-tech device can create a more accurate impression without any powder necessary. Not to mention that it creates natural-colored impressions for a clearer digital image as well.

The Program

The impression that the Omnicam picks up is immediately recorded on the CEREC digital impression platform, where we can show you exactly what the problem is or where the cavity is, as well as what we need to do to fix it. This allows us to communicate with you even better, and it helps you, our patient, understand the process even more. Once we have agreed on a course of action, this program also allows us to re-create the needed Boise crowns and bridges, creating a digital blueprint for the dental crown that we can simply send to our in office CAD/CAM system.

The In Office CAD/CAM System

By having this system in the office, our Boise dentists and patients don’t have to wait for an out of office lab to take the design, create it, and return it to us. Instead, you can get a Boise dental crown within hours of us scanning your teeth with the Omnicam! The system also uses the same quality materials for our dental work, meaning we can provide the same quality of work for a same-day dental crown or bridge placement. Not only that, but you can watch the crown as it is made. When we place it, we can make the necessary adjustments for it to be a perfect fit if we need to as well, and you can still walk out of our office with a brand new Boise dental crown.

We love this system because it gives us the same or better accuracy for impressions while eliminating the mess and schedule difficulties that both our Boise dentists and patient dislike. Not only that, but now we can offer one-day appointments for Boise crowns and bridges. It is the perfect fit for the Summit Dental office, and we are so excited to offer its services to every Boise patient!