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Back to School is a good time for a Dental Check-Up: Advice from Boise Dentists

Getting the kids back to school can be a busy time of year, but it is also a good reminder to make an appointment for a dental cleaning and check-up exam. There can be many distractions for younger children when getting back into the routine of being in the classroom. It is important that their teeth and overall oral health is not another distraction taking away from their focus and fun while back in school.

Childhood caries (dental decay) is one of the most prevalent but also preventable diseases that children face. A simple trip to the dental office to examine the health of the teeth and gums, review proper oral-hygiene techniques and to discuss recommendations for ways to improve oral health can aid in preventing tooth problems. Proper fluoride intake and diet choices can be very important to developing children’s teeth.

So it is important not to let the bi-annual trip to the dental office go to the wayside during all of the hustle and bustle of school beginning, especially after a long summer break. If you suspect your child has a source of tooth pain or discomfort contact our Boise Dentists at Summit Dental Group for advice on the next step so the school year can be a fun and productive.