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Why a Boise Teeth Cleaning is so Important

Why a Boise Teeth Cleaning is so Important

Thinking about skipping your upcoming cleaning appointment? While a Boise teeth cleaning should be done every six months, it can be easy to put off or to forget. However, there are some important reasons you may want to put it back on your priority list. Think about it, regular cleanings and checkups help to prevent a variety of dental and medical problems. When it comes to preventative dental care, a Boise teeth cleaning is one of the best ways to take care of your teeth and gums.

A Boise Teeth Cleaning Helps Brighten Your Smile

Although brushing and flossing are beneficial when it comes to maintaining optimal dental health, not all stains can be treated at home. A Boise teeth cleaning can help remove persistent stains leftover from coffee, tea and tobacco use. Additionally, plaque build up can harden into tartar over time. Tartar buildup can not only damage your teeth, it can promote decay and gum disease as well. At Summit Dental, our hygienists can help remove unwanted stains and tartar build-up while helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Regular Cleanings & Check-ups Help Prevent Gum Disease

Healthy gums are happy gums. Unfortunately, the #1 cause for tooth loss in adults is gum disease. While you may not notice any signs or symptoms, a checkup and Boise teeth cleaning can help to detect any changes with your gum tissue. If detected early, gum disease can be treated and reversed without surgery or extensive dental work.

Early Detection of Tooth Decay & Oral Cancer

While small cavities on the surface of a tooth are usually painless, they can become sensitive or painful when the decay reaches the deeper layers of the tooth surface. Consistent cleaning appointments will help to detect any tooth decay problems before they become more advanced. It’s also important to keep in mind that treating a small cavity is much less expensive than having to repair a whole tooth with advanced decay.

Oral cancer on the other hand is an extremely deadly form of cancer. The reason for this is because diagnosis often occurs after the cancer has become symptomatic. However, early detection can stop oral cancer in it’s tracks. With early detection, oral cancer can be cured.

Your Boise Dental Health Plays a Big Role in Overall Health

Healthy smile, healthy you. Regular dental cleanings and checkups can do more than keep your smile attractive – they can also tell your Boise dentist a lot about your overall health, including whether or not you may be at risk for chronic disease. Research suggests there is a direct relationship between gum disease and health complications such as a stroke and heart disease. Additionally, more than 90% of all systemic diseases have oral manifestation. By staying on top of regular cleanings and checkups, your Boise dentist may be the first healthcare provider to diagnose a health problem in its early stages.

If it’s been awhile since your last dental check up and Boise teeth cleaning, don’t delay. Give Summit Dental a call at (208) 345-8962 to set up an appointment!