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What to Expect At Your Child’s First Boise Dental Visit


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When it comes to your child’s first Boise dental visit, you may have some questions regarding when to visit and what will happen. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child should visit a dentist by his or her first birthday or within six months after their first tooth comes in.

What will happen during their Boise dental appointment ?

While you may have some anxiety when it comes to your child’s first Boise dental visit, keep in mind that their checkup is usually short and involves very little treatment. Instead, think of it as a friendly meet and greet for your child. In fact, most of the time parents are invited to sit in a nearby chair and hold the hand of their child during their Boise dental examination. You can however choose to wait in the reception area so that a relationship can be built between your child and their Boise dentist. Really it’s up to you and the dentist.

During the exam, your Boise dentist may or may not have your child’s teeth cleaned but will check all of your child’s teeth for decay while looking for any potential problems, and assess the need for fluoride depending on where you live and how much they are exposed too. Your Boise dentist will also educate you on how to care for your little ones teeth and discuss dental development issues as well as answering any questions you may have.

After the first visit, your Boise dentist will suggest a schedule of follow-up visits. Typically dentists call for visits every six months depending on the oral health of your child.

Introducing your child to your Boise dentist

While you may be worried about your child fussing during their Boise dental visit, you may be surprised at how accepting your little one can be when the dentist examines their teeth. Many young children actually enjoy the attention and novelty of the visit.

As the parent, you play a key role in how your child will react. Children often perceive a parents anxiety which can make them scared of the dentist themselves. It’s important to prepare and educate your child of their visit and what they can expect from the experience. If you provide them with confidence, your child will feel more relaxed with the dentist or hygienist.

Explain before the visit that the dentist is a friend and will help keep their teeth healthy. Add that the visit will be fun, and answer all their questions positively without using scary words or experiences. A good rule of thumb is to read them a story about a character that had a good dental visit.

Another good idea is to ask another adult to come with you. It’s also best not to bring other children along as you will want to be free to talk comfortably with your Boise dentist and focus on what they suggest when it comes to your little ones dental health. Make sure to bring an extra diaper and snack for your child so they are comfortable and happy. A favorite toy or blanket also helps. By doing so you show your child that the Boise dentist office is a comfortable and safe place for them.