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Read About Dr. Robert Studebaker’s son’s Class Visit!

Summit Dental 2013 03 20We were pleased to have Dr. Robert Studebaker ‘s son’s class come and visit our office! Our staff had so much fun showing them what we do every day, and we are happy to share what they learned with you:

Boise Office Tour

The class got a whole tour of the office as we showed them what happens when you visit our Boise dentists. They loved our famous waiting room fish tank and our kids waiting area. A large TV, lots of Pixar movie options, and plenty of games and books are some of the favorite things you can find in our kids waiting area. When we moved into the patient rooms, the kids could see our new, spacious patient rooms that let in plenty of natural light as well.

In the Dental Chair

In one of the patient rooms, Dr. Studebaker’s son, Will, sat in the dental chair and showed his classmates how to open big so that the doctor could see and count how many teeth he had. Our staff had a great time using our “show, tell, do” philosophy to explain what happens at a dental appointment. We showed the class some of our tools and told them what they were called. We give everything in the office kid-friendly names, such as calling the water sprayer and air sprayer “rain” and “wind.” We will often let the kids feel the water sprayer on their hands so they know what it feels like. Everyone in the class was so well-behaved and had a great time sitting in the dental chair.

Learning about Kids’ Dental Care

The kids also learned how to brush and take care of their teeth.  We showed the class how to brush their teeth lightly, making sure to get all the way to their back teeth. We sometimes recommend teaching kids a song so that they can remember how long to brush their teeth as well. Finally, we talked about flossing and how important it is to keep their teeth clean. In fact, Summit has a Cavity Free Kids Club for every child who comes to their appointment without a cavity. Once a month, we draw a winner who gets two free movie tickets!

We loved having Will’s class visit our Boise office! It was so fun to show them around the office and teach them about how to take care of their teeth. Hopefully we will see some of them again soon!