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Preventing Boise Dental Sports Injuries

Preventing Boise Dental Sports Injuries

Kids and teens around the Treasure Valley are back in school which means they are back at sports! Not only do sports provide an abundance of benefits which keep them healthy, and active, being part of a team also teaches them discipline, accountability and sportsmanship. Before sending your child out onto the field, take note of the following Boise dental safety tips to help prevent any injuries:

Boise Dental Injuries

Each year, over 1 million kids sustain dental injuries each year. The most common injury is a knocked out tooth. In the event of a Boise dental emergency, quick action is the key to a successful treatment.

If your child looses a tooth, it’s important to wash it off very gently with clean water (do not rub). When handling the tooth, do not to touch the root or remove any tissue that may still be attached. If at all possible, re-insert the tooth and have them bite down on a piece of gauze in order to keep it in place. If the tooth cannot be re-inserted, make sure it is kept moist and protected by submerging it in milk or saline.

See your Boise dentist immediately. The dentists at Summit Dental Group may be able to save the injured tooth by replanting it into the socket. Keep in mind that success rates decline rapidly the longer you wait.

Preventing Jaw Injuries

Jaw and facial fractures are also common sports injuries that can prevented with a few simple steps.

  1. Purchase and wear protective gear properly. Be sure that the pads and helmet fit properly. Protective gear is designed to help absorb impact and protect the body from injuries.

  2. Make sure your child’s teeth are healthy. Have your Boise dentist perform an examination to check for any signs of tooth decay, damage or gingivitis. Teeth that are weakened are more susceptible to sports injuries.

  3. Purchase a quality, custom-fitted mouth guard. Your Boise dentist can provide a sports mouth guard fitted to your child’s teeth and bit to help ensure proper fit and function. Custom mouthguards provide quality protection while used on the field.

At Summit Dental, we understand the importance of protecting a young athlete’s teeth. While being healthy and active is important, taking proper precautions can help protect your child’s teeth from permanent damage. For more information, or to schedule an appointment with your Boise dentist, contact us at (208) 345-8962.