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Practical Boise Dental Tips For Halloween

Practical Boise Dental Tips For Halloween

Everyone loves Halloween, especially our little ones as they make out like bandits when it comes to their favorite sweet treats. That’s why the dentists at Summit Dental Group would like to provide you with the following Boise dental tips to keep your child’s smile healthy this time of year.

Sort the candy together

While it’s vital to sort the candy together for safety reasons, it’s also a great time to separate the bad from the worst. A good rule of thumb is to let your child pick out their top 10 favorites and put the rest away for the night. After that you can separate the stack into two parts. Anything sticky, or chewy should go into the first pile while the rest of the candy should go into the second. Try avoiding the first pile completely. We know it’s hard but cavities are more prone to develop when teeth are exposed to sugary, chewy substances. Oral bacteria thrive in this environment and convert these substances into acid that eat away at healthy tooth enamel.

Regulate their candy consumption

Since Halloween is a fun time for your little one, it’s important to balance celebrating the holiday and maintaining a healthy smile. A great tip from our Boise dentists is to set a daily limit of how much candy your child can have. Don’t let a fun holiday turn into an expensive Boise dental visit down the road.

Provide them with sugar-free gum

Not only does chewing gum help you ration your child’s intake of sweet treats, it helps them produce saliva which in turn buffers acid while dislodging left-over particles stuck in between teeth. Research has also shown that sweeteners in sugar-free gum help to starve bad bacteria while replenishing essential minerals important to your child’s teeth.

Brush & Floss!

Halloween is not a day for slacking. It’s quite the opposite actually. Make sure your child sticks to their regular brushing & flossing routine to help remove any sticky residue left over from their favorite treats. In an ideal world, encourage your child to brush their teeth after eating any candy. Halloween is also a great time to schedule a Boise dental check-up or Boise teeth cleaning in order to keep you and your little one’s smile healthy!

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