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Our Boise Dentists Will Suggest Boise Dental X-rays When….

It can be hard to know when you’ll need dental X-rays. Below, we talk about several reasons why our Boise dentists and staff may recommend them:

You are a new dental patient. If we are just getting to know you, we will usually start with a comprehensive new patient exam. That includes a thorough examination of the teeth and mouth, a cancer and periodontal screening, and dental X-rays. This way, we can get to understand as much as possible about your oral health right away.

It’s your annual exam. We generally recommend that our dental patients get Boise dental X-rays every two years at their annual appointment. Of course, this will depend on your oral health, medical history, and your risk for dental disease. By getting dental X-rays every two years, we can stay one step ahead of any bone loss or disease.

You are growing up. Kids generally need more X-rays than adults because their teeth are still growing and developing, and they are more vulnerable to tooth decay. Our Boise Dentists may need to take an X-ray to see how teeth are growing or whether there are any other problems.

You need implants or a crown. Dental X-rays give our Boise Dentists the proper map to put in an implant or add a crown. It can tell them if you have enough bone mass for an implant or if there are any problems that could interfere with a procedure.

Dental X-rays allow our Boise Dentists to see bone loss, tooth decay, the effect of trauma, and even cancer. While you usually only get dental X-rays every few years, things like cavities or a dental procedure may make dental X-rays the best choice. Have more questions about dental X-rays? Stop by our Boise office and ask us!