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How a Boise Dentist Performs Smile Restoration

Before and After: Image via Flickr by Dr. Alper, DMD, Cosmetic Dentist

Wondering how a Boise dentist at Summit Dental Group can restore your smile? The process involves three steps and can be completed in a day!

Step 1: Consultation with a Boise Dentist

Boise consultations are when we take a look at your teeth and at your dental records to see what we’re dealing with and how we can help you. This will help us see if we are dealing with a recurrent problem or with something that is strictly Boise cosmetic dentistry. A recurrent problem would be something like pain or problems with an old partial or filling while a strictly cosmetic issue would be tooth discoloration. Whatever it is, we can help!

Once we’ve identified the problem, we’ll talk over with you the plan for your smile restoration in Boise. For crowns and veneers, we can discover the problem, make the smile restoration in-house, and install it permanently the same day, thanks to our CEREC technology.

Step 2: Impressions and Preparation for Boise Cosmetic Dentistry

Once we’ve decided on a plan, we can begin taking impressions and prepping your teeth (or we can schedule a later appointment for impressions and installation). We don’t use the messy and uncomfortable goo for impressions that you have probably seen with another dentist. Boise cosmetic dentistry at Summit uses our CEREC Omnicam wand to take a digital impression of your teeth. The CEREC Omnicam is just as accurate if not more so than physical impressions, and it transfers immediately to our computers so you can see what your teeth look like and how the crown or veneer will fit perfectly with them.

The best thing about the CEREC system for Boise cosmetic dentistry? The CEREC Omnicam captures exactly what your teeth look like. The program will use this perfect impression to create a perfect crown or veneer. This keeps your bite the same and the overall look of your smile the same. Of course, our dentists can always tweak the look of a crown or veneer for your preference.

Step 3: Same-Day Installation of Crowns and Veneers

Once you are happy with the on-screen look of a smile restoration, Boise dentists will send it to our in-office 3-D printer to create the all-porcelain crown or veneer. We can then install it for you to see how it looks. You can bring a family member or friend with you to check out your new smile and make sure that it has the look you want. After we’ve made it look just the way you want, we’ll cement it in place, giving you a new permanent smile.

Still have questions about smile restoration in Boise from a Summit dentist? Boise office hours are generally 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Feel free to stop in and talk with us!