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Boise Dental: Why It’s Important To Fix A Broken Crown

Boise Dental: Why It’s Important To Fix A Broken Crown

A dental crown is extremely strong and can often last a lifetime for a Treasure Valley patient. However, accidents are known to happen that can cause your crown to become chipped or broken. Sometimes, the pain and discomfort of a broken crown often lead to an emergency visit to your Boise dentist. Other, times, a patient may no difference at all until it’s too late. Either way, it’s important to contact Summit Dental Group as soon as you notice a broken crown so we can make a determination as to whether or not immediate action is required. That’s why we’d like to provide you with the following information regarding broken crowns and your teeth.

What Causes A Broken Crown

Since a dental crown is extremely strong and durable, they often won’t break on their own – not even with normal wear and tear during the course of your lifetime. However, if an accident happens and you are hit in the mouth while playing sports, fall, or bite down on something hard, you can chip and break a crown. Most of the time, patients in the Treasure Valley will know right away if they’ve broken a crown due to the sensation they experience. Understanding what actions to take after you break a crown will provide you with peace of mind and reduce any uncertainty about your overall dental health.

What You Should Do About A Broken Crown

If you happen to break a crown, it’s important to contact Summit Dental right away. You can then inform our helpful staff on how the accident happened and exactly how your tooth feels. Depending on what you tell us, we may recommend a same day appointment. In some cases, however, we may suggest keeping the crown and your mouth as clean as possible for a later appointment. Not calling your Boise dentist or trying to repair a broken crown without the help of a dental professional can lead to significant problems that will require additional, more expensive work down the road.

When in Doubt, Contact Your Boise Dentist

Everyone handles dental discomfort differently. Even if you don’t experience any pain following a broken crown, it’s important to contact your Boise dentist at Summit Dental and tell them about your situation. We are always available to answer any questions you may have, alleviate concerns, and make the best recommendations based on your individual needs. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your dental health and to contact us immediately, even if the situation isn’t an emergency.

Summit Dental Group

At Summit Dental Group, we want our patients to live their desired lifestyles without having to worry about their teeth and gums. That’s why are here to help you respond to dental emergencies like a broken crown. As the top dentists in the Treasure Valley, we put our patients first and prioritize every call we receive.

If you experience a broken crown and don’t know what you should do, contact us at (208) 345-8962 for an appointment.