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Boise Dental Tips For Protecting Your Toddler’s Teeth

Boise Dental Tips For Protecting Your Toddler’s Teeth

As adults, we all know how important it is to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Too many parents, however, often overlook the importance of teaching their children good oral habits during the toddler years. During these impressionable years, children between the ages of 2-5 learn and develop lifelong habits that will help them throughout their daily lives. That’s why it’s vital they learn how to care for their teeth and gums at an early age.

At Summit Dental, we believe preventative care and education are extremely important when it comes to maintaining optimal Boise dental health. That’s why we’ve put together a list of tips for helping your child develop healthy dental habits that will last a lifetime.

Toddler Dental Care

By the age of three, a child will have developed a full set of teeth. While they will eventually lose and replace these teeth with permanent ones, now is the perfect time to teach them good skills and habits.

During this age, there are many things you can do to help your child develop good Boise dental habits. Keep in mind that many of these habits go beyond basic brushing and flossing and extend to a healthy diet which not only keeps their teeth and gums healthy but their whole body as well.

Dietary Tips

After eating a meal or a snack it’s important to have your child drink water. Doing so will help rinse away leftover food particles between brushing and flossing. Sugar, as we all know, is bad for our teeth. However, many people don’t realize that you don’t have to eat candy to produce harmful acid that wears down your teeth. Most foods eventually break down into sugar causing it to stick on teeth producing acid and bacteria. Healthy snacks like cheese, on the other hand, help balance the alkalinity in the mouth breaking down harmful acids naturally.

Brushing and Flossing

With so many varieties to choose from, it’s important to find a toothpaste with a flavor your child likes. This will help encourage them to brush their teeth more frequently. Once they get the hang of it, you will find they will enjoy brushing their teeth on their own. However, it’s important to supervise to make sure they are getting it right and show them what improvements need to be made.

*Another fun tip is to get plaque disclosing tablets that color any areas where they forgot to brush their teeth. As they brush away the color, they’ll know exactly how clean their mouth is!

Regular Boise Dentist Visits

Regular Boise dental visits are just as important for kids as they are for adults. In fact, they may even be more essential. Like we stated before, your child will eventually lose their baby teeth. However, it’s important to make sure that going to the dentist is a fun part of their routine to help prevent any fears they may have associated with the dentist.

If you’re ready to start your child off on the right foot and want more information regarding your child’s Boise dental care, call Summit Dental Group at (208) 345-8962 to schedule an appointment today!