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Back to School Boise Dental Checkups!

Back to School Boise Dental Checkups!

While it’s still hot outside, it’s hard to believe that fall is quickly approaching and our kids are going back to school. However, with all the back-to-school shopping, and to-do lists, now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment for your child’s regular Boise dental checkup. It’s also a great time to schedule one for yourself as well! At Summit Dental Group, we recommend that all of our patients visit us twice a year for their dental check ups, no matter how old they are.

Below are some back to school Boise dental tips to help your kids shine this fall:

  • Change all the toothbrushes at home every three months.
  • Establish a daily brushing routine with your kids at least twice a day.
  • Purchase a two minute timer. A two minute timer is a fun way to help encourage your kids to brush thoroughly.
  • Pack healthy lunches consisting of healthy fruits and vegetables, and replace soft drinks and juices with water to help combat sugar consumption.

Additionally, Boise dental checkups are essential when it comes to preventative dental care. Our staff will clean and examine your child’s teeth and gums for any signs of disease or decay. We will also make sure they are learning a practicing proper brushing and flossing techniques. Remember, the sooner your child starts practicing proper dental health habits, and maintaining regular Boise dental checkups, the better their oral health will be in the future.

Back to school is a great time to schedule your child’s Boise dental checkup. While this time of year can be busy, it’s important to schedule your appointment now before everything is in full swing. Make sure you little ones are starting the school year right with a clean, healthy smile by bringing them into Summit Dental!

Creative Commons Image Courtesy of Macwagen