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4 Signs You Need a Boise Night Guard

Image via Flickr by k.kazantzoglou Life is full of surprises!!!:)

You’ve probably heard about a Boise night guard to help with Bruxism (teeth grinding), but aren’t sure if you need one. Here are four signs that you grind your teeth and need a Boise night guard to protect them:

1. You Wake Up With a Headache

Bruxism (teeth grinding) is hard on every muscle from your shoulders up, so it can easily cause migraines or headaches. If you wake up with a headache, you might want to visit Boise dentists to see if you need a night guard.

2. Your Jaw Clicks or Is Sore

By putting so much pressure on your jaw throughout the night, you might find that it is sore or stiff, especially in the morning. Long-term Bruxism can even result in your jaw clicking or getting stuck.

3. You’ve Noticed Changes in Your Bite

As you keep so much pressure on your teeth and jaw for so many hours in the night, the pressure can cause your teeth to shift. This can mean loose teeth, or an unmatched bite. Over the long term, teeth grinding can actually change the way your face looks because it affects your teeth and jaw so much.

4. Your Teeth Are Easily Cracked or Chipped

Bruxism not only moves your teeth, it also weakens them.  A dental patient with Bruxism is much more likely to have a cracked tooth or to chip a tooth. A Boise night guard would protect teeth from this by preventing your teeth from grinding against each other.

Have you used a Boise night guard? Have you noticed a difference?