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What Makes the Best Smile Restoration?

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It’s time to talk about Boise cosmetic dentistry! It’s been a while since we talked about the different aspects of the best smile restoration, so in the next few weeks we will cover everything from the proper shades of teeth whitening to using the highest quality materials for Boise crowns and bridges.

Remember that a smile restoration can include everything from Boise tooth implants to teeth whitening. These are the ways we stay at the top of our field no matter what your smile needs:

Fast Boise Crowns and Bridges with High-Quality Materials

Our Boise dentists have always used the top materials that will blend the most naturally with your teeth and give you the long lifespan you want with Boise tooth implants, crowns, or a dental bridge. Boise is home to several phenomenal local ceramists (not to mention our in-office CEREC machine), and we treasure their expertise for our porcelain veneers and other materials. Porcelain is the preferred material because it is strong while giving us the ability to perfectly match the color of your other teeth.

Expertly-Advised and Orchestrated Teeth Whitening

Boise smile restorations usually begin with teeth whitening. For example, Dr. Robert Studebaker will whiten your teeth sooner rather than later so that he can match the color of your newly whitened teeth to the porcelain Boise tooth implants or crowns that you are also getting. For a quick and easy approach to our Boise dentists’ teeth whitening, you can schedule an hour-long appointment where you walk out with your teeth just as white as you want them. Dr. Robert Studebaker will help you decide how many shades lighter you should go to keep the look natural.

A Focus on Overall Perfection

At the end of the day, if you aren’t happy, then neither are we. We are careful to bring you into every part of the process—from a Boise dentist’s teeth whitening decisions to the final carefully-placed veneer—to make sure you are happy with the direction we are going. And when it is all said and done, we give you a mirror to make sure you like your smile.

We’re proud to say that we can give you the best smile restoration. Such dedicated work in Boise cosmetic dentistry is only possible because of the amazing team of experts that we have on staff and work with daily. Thank you for trusting us with your beautiful smile!



Too Busy for the Dentist? How We Can Help.

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Think you don’t have time for the dentist? We know it can be tough to fit a Boise teeth cleaning into your schedule, but here are few ways we work to make sure that you have the time to keep your teeth and gums healthy:

Summit’s Convenient Location

We know how much easier it is to stop by our office now that we are just a walk from downtown Boise. Just take a quick drive from your downtown Boise office to see Dr. Robert Studebaker for a Boise cosmetic dentistry appointment, or get a quality Boise dentist’s teeth whitening with Dr. Carson Mooney. Idaho residents don’t have to live in Boise to take advantage of our quality service, however. Our office is located right off Interstate 184, meaning out-of-town residents can easily zip in and out of our office without getting bogged down by city traffic.

One-Appointment Boise Crowns and Bridges

Once you’ve gotten to our office, however, we make sure that you get all the work done in a day. For a crown, that means using CEREC digital impressions. How CEREC digital impression works starts with Dr. Robert Studebaker or another Boise dentist running a CEREC wand over your teeth to create a digital impression. From there, we use the CEREC digital impressions to custom-create the crown you need. It’s then sent to our in-office CAD machine that quickly and beautifully creates the perfect crown. We’ll permanently cement it in place the same day.

Quick and Efficient Appointments Thanks to Our Phenomenal Staff

If you’ve been to our Boise office, you know how incredible our office staff and hygienist team are. This is the final way we do our best to keep you happy and on-schedule. You know how hard our office team will work to ensure that you get the appointment you need when you need it. And we’re proud to say that our hygienists are some of the best in their field. If you are under a deadline, you can count on them to cheerfully and efficiently get you the care you need in the time you have!

Have any other concerns about getting the dental care you need? Chat with Dr. Robert Studebaker, or talk about your dental care options with Dr. Carson Mooney. Idaho and Boise patients like you have our entire team at your disposal so that you get the care you need. We hope to see you soon!


Summit Dental’s Favorite Neighborhood Haunts

One thing we love about our location is how it puts us right near the center of downtown Boise. We thought we’d share some of our favorite downtown haunts!

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Nearby Restaurants: Forks Restaurant

If you are looking for a great place to go out for dinner, the Fork Restaurant is just five minutes from the Summit dental office! We love how they celebrate northwest American cuisine with dishes like Boise trout and smoke-grilled artichoke. And their butter cream cake is fantastic, too. They also always have a great selection of regional beers and wines. In the same block, we also love Bittercreek Alehouse and the Ruth Chris Steak House.

Shopping: BODO (Boise Downtown)

If you are looking for a place to go shopping, the 8th Street Marketplace is within walking distance from our office and includes shops like LOFT, White House –Black Market, Urban Outfitters, and other local boutiques, including Swank Boutique, and Piece Unique, and Miss Molly. Walk just a few blocks north, and you’ll find yourself in the midst of Anthropologie, Chico’s, The North Face, and other stores.

Café’s: A’Tavola and Big City Coffee

Looking for a great place to grab a cup of coffee? We love to hop across Front Street for an espresso and Croque Monsieur. They’ve also got a great selection for lunch and dinner, and it is easy to pick something up that is fast and delicious.  For breakfasts, Big City Coffee in the Linen District is just as awesome for a big breakfast—the coffee is fantastic, the atmosphere friendly, and the portion sizes are huge!

What about you? What places do you love to visit around the Summit Dental Office?



4 Things to Do After a Dentist Visit

4 Things to Do After a Dentist Visit

So you got a few hours off from work for your Boise dentist visit, and you want to wait for the anesthetic to wear off a little more before you head back to the office. Here are some things you can do after your visit!

1. Get Some Ice Cream

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Just north of our office is the amazing Goody’s Soda Fountain, where you can get old-fashioned homemade ice cream and sundaes. If you are more of the frozen yogurt type, head to Blue Cow just southeast of us. Looking for more desserts? Check out this article for more of our favorite dessert places.

2. Go to the Park

If you’ve got kids with you, walk across the bridge over the Boise River to Ann Morrison Park. Bring a picnic blanket and lay out in the sun if you are tired, and let your kids run around the grassy areas. You can also follow the Boise River just a little bit south to the Julia Davis Park, which has beautiful gardens, a playground, and a duck pond.

3. Go to a Movie

If you don’t want to lounge on the couch at home, you can relax and watch the latest releases at the Regal Boise Downtown Stadium. More of an indie moviegoer? The Flicks is located just on the edge of Julia Davis Park. Watch a movie on one of its four screens, or rent an indie movie to take home.

4. Visit a Museum

If you are feeling energetic and curious, take advantage of your time off and visit one of the many museums in the downtown area. Within the Julia Davis Park, there are three museums: the Idaho State Historical Museum, the Black History Museum, and the Boise Art Museum. Go just two blocks north, and you’ll find yourself at the Basque Museum.

Where would you go if you had some free time after a dentist visit?