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Cosmetic Dentistry Resource Center

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Have questions about cosmetic dentistry? Below is the list of articles and resources that will give you a better idea of how our dentists go about cosmetic dentistry, and what you need to know:

Our Dentist Office Philosophy:

Want to know our philosophy on cosmetic dentistry? Below you’ll get a taste of what we think about cosmetic dentistry and how we help you feel at home in our Boise dental office:

Advice on Teeth Whitening:

Wondering what your options are for teeth whitening? Want to know how to keep your teeth white longer? Try these articles:

Smile Restoration:

Boise dental veneers, crowns, implants, and bridges are all a part of smile restoration. Read more about how our Boise dental office will use several of these elements to give you the perfect smile:

Implants, Crowns, Bridges, and Tooth Replacement:

While implants, crowns, and bridges are all a part of cosmetic dentistry, below are several articles that explain how they differ from each other and when you may need them:

Still have questions about cosmetic dentistry? Give our Boise dental office a call or stop by to speak to a dentist!


4 Things to look for in a Dentist

Wondering what makes a great dentist? Take a look at the five following areas to see what dentist fits best with you!

1. Boise Dental Reputation

The most important thing when finding a Boise dentist is to make sure that your dentist is qualified to take good care of your mouth and teeth. There are several ways you can do this:

  1. The ADA. Any licensed dentist should belong to the American Dental Association. If they don’t, run!
  2. The dentist’s website. This website should have a section on the dentist’s education, certifications, and credentials, which will give you a better idea about how much education they’ve received and if they are a specialist in anything.
  3. Word of mouth. Probably the most common method, current patients of a Boise dental office can give you a first-hand account on if their dentist did a good job.

2. Friendly Demeanor


These kids clearly have an awesome dentist! (Image via Flickr by ChuckHolton)

Once you know you’ve found a competent dentist, the next most important thing is that you’ve found one that you are comfortable with. A Boise dental office has long been known as a place that patients hate visiting, but our Boise dentists and many others are working hard to change that. Look for friendly office staff, and for a dentist that you find easy to talk to and relaxing to be around. Everybody’s different, but you should be able to find a Boise dentist that has a personality that fits you.

3. Boise Dental Technology

In a growing age of technology, many dentists are embracing newer, faster, and more accurate ways of doing things. For example, our Boise dental office is equipped with several patient rooms, each with their own set of equipment and technology so that our dentists and hygienists don’t waste time sharing machines. We’ve also just introduced our on-site CEREC technology, which creates perfect crowns and fillings for our patients during the time of an appointment.

4. Dentist’s Availability and Insurance Discounts

On an even more personal note, you need a dentist who can meet your needs and (hopefully) work with your insurance company, (provided you have Boise dental insurance). Do you need weekend hours? What about evening hours? Does your dentist need to be great with kids? If you’ve found a Boise dental office that you like, a quick call should let you know if you are in network or not.

If you’ve found a dentist that you know is qualified and that puts you at ease during appointments, you’ve definitely found a winner. With the added perks of good technology and the right availability, you can find your perfect match for Boise dental work!

Got more questions or wondering if we are a good fit for you and your family? Stop by our Boise dental office or give us a call!


Boise Tooth Implants: The When, How, and Why

Got some questions about Boise tooth implants? Our Boise dentists will give you the low down so you have all the information you need!

The When of Boise Tooth Implants

When do you need a new tooth? Whenever you’ve lost the adult tooth. You simply shouldn’t leave a gap where your tooth had been for reasons our dentists explain below. In the meantime, how do you end up losing a tooth? Look at the following:

  • Tooth lost to decay. This could be from too many cavities or from a root canal, or even an abscess.
  • Tooth lost to accident. While our dentists can sometimes reattach a tooth that has been thrown loose, it is not always possible.
  • No adult tooth. Sometimes you simply don’t have the adult tooth under the baby tooth (although this is rather rare). In that case, you can keep the baby tooth in as long as possible before getting a dental implant.

The How of Boise Tooth Implants

The first step of getting a tooth implant

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Getting Boise tooth implants is a multi-appointment process over several months. First, a Boise dentist will give you a preliminary exam to make sure that your teeth have the room and your roots have the space for a tooth implant. Once that is established, our dentists will schedule an appointment for the implant—this looks like a post that will act as the synthetic “root” of the new implant. It will take several weeks for this to heal before our dentists can add the pretty part of the tooth implants—the shiny new dental crown!

The Why of Tooth Implants

Wondering why tooth implants are so much better than a bridge or a flipper (a flipper is a retainer with an attached crown)? Other methods of replacing a missing tooth don’t have the post that acts as the tooth’s root. As a result, the other teeth (and their roots) get the added strain of needing to make up for this lack. Without the implant post to support and strengthen the jaw, the jaw and surrounding teeth can be severely weakened as well.

So that is when you need an implant, how you get one, and why it is so important. Have more questions? Stop by our Boise office to talk with one of our friendly dentists!


Teeth Whitening: To Bleach or Not to Bleach

Looking to get your teeth pearly white for the holidays? At-home bleaching kits are becoming increasingly popular. Here’s what one Boise dentist has to say about this teeth whitening option:

What Are Bleaching Trays?


An example of the bleaching solution you put in the trays (Image via Flickr by Whiter Image)

First, bleaching trays come in an at-home kit that you get from your Boise dentist. Teeth whitening this way starts with your Boise dentist making trays designed to perfectly fit your teeth before sending you home with the peroxide for whitening. Simply place a small amount of peroxide around the trays, and sleep with them in for 3-4 nights of the week. Your teeth will slowly brighten up in about 3-4 weeks.

The Benefits of Using Bleaching Trays for Teeth Whitening

That’s the process of using bleach trays. Here are the benefits:

  • Affordability. Bleaching trays are kind of the middle ground of teeth whitening—it gives good results, but isn’t too expensive.
  • Speed. All things considered, a month for white teeth isn’t asking very much.
  • Comfort. Because the trays are specifically made for your mouth, you don’t get as much peroxide on the gums or other areas that could be irritated by, say, regular whitening strips.

The Disadvantages of Using Bleaching Trays for Teeth Whitening

While a good fit for many people, some people might find these problems:

  • Teeth sensitivity. If you grind your teeth or just have sensitive teeth, using bleaching trays can be uncomfortable.
  • Damage to tooth enamel. Bleaching trays do take away a little from your tooth enamel, so if you grind your teeth or know you are running low on tooth enamel, you may want to consider other options.
  • Time. Other types of teeth whitening can be done in an hour, so there is a longer wait than, say, the in-office treatment.

So, should you use bleaching trays? It depends. For most people it is a resounding yes! But if you grind your teeth, have really sensitive teeth, or need them white fast, an in-office treatment is a better way to go.

Have more questions about teeth whitening? Stop in and ask a Boise dentist!