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A Dental Fix for Tooth Discoloration: #3 of 4 Areas of Boise Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the most common problems addressed by Boise cosmetic dentistry, tooth discoloration can be a fast and easy dental fix. There are generally two ways to brighten your smile and get rid of stains and discoloration:

1. Teeth Whitening

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If you are looking to brighten your smile, teeth whitening is the easier and most affordable route to take. In addition to our one-appointment in-office whitening treatment, there are two other types of teeth whitening offered by our Boise dentists:

Crest Extra-Strength Teeth Whitening Strips

These strips offer a higher potency than the store-bought kit you can pick up from the drug store. Very easy to use, the strips only require a limited amount of time on the teeth per day. When applying them, simply try to avoid bringing the gel in contact with your gums as this can irritate them.

At-Home Boise Teeth Whitening Trays

The most common choice for patients interested in teeth whitening, Boise at-home teeth whitening kits include a tray that is custom-made for you, ensuring that the Boise teeth whitening gel is applied evenly. It’s easy to apply, and is also easy to maintain after the initial weeks of use. Simply reapply about once a month to keep teeth at the desired whiteness.

2. Porcelain Veneers

If stains or discoloration are not responding to a Boise teeth whitening treatment, porcelain veneers work extremely well for smile restorations. They are less invasive than a dental crown but can offer the same aesthetically pleasing results. This can be especially effective for unevenly colored teeth or for staining. Porcelain veneers come in every shade imaginable as well, so you can perfectly match your porcelain veneers to the shade of your other whitened teeth.

Interested in a dental fix for your discolored teeth? Our Boise dental office and staff will be happy to offer you more information in addition to a consultation appointment.


Removing Gum Tissue and Reshaping Teeth for Boise Cosmetic Dentistry: #2 of 4 Areas of Treatment

Boise cosmetic dentistry doesn’t just mean adding things to a patient’s teeth. There are at least two ways that our Boise dentists can remove something to give you a more charming and memorable smile.

Gingivectomy for Boise Teeth Cleaning and Dental Implants

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Whether for aesthetic purposes or for shaping around a new implant, a gingivectomy can remove excess gum tissue from around your front teeth for an even and attractive smile. For example, the gum tissue may heal unevenly around a new dental implant, requiring our Boise dentists to reshape the gum line for an even and appealing look. This reshaping of the gums also works incredibly well with veneers for people who would like to raise an especially low gum line. Our Boise dentists can use both veneers and a gingivectomy to broaden your smile.

A gingivectomy may also be needed for those suffering from severe gum disease. Our Boise dentists will need to remove the diseased gum tissue from between a patient’s teeth if this is the case. Whatever brings you to our dental office, a local anesthetic and ibuprofen in the days following is all that is required for this simple procedure.

Enameloplasty for Boise Cosmetic Dentistry

In some cases, our Boise dentists can avoid using dental crowns or bridges or a tooth veneer when restoring your smile. Instead, we may use the enameloplasty treatment option. With this, our Boise dentists reshape a tooth, removing any unnatural shapes, bulges, or waves. It can be most useful for Boise cosmetic dentistry needs like evening the bottom of uneven front teeth or for making teeth look young and less worn. Our Boise dentists can accomplish this look by rounding the corners of front teeth, a common practice used to make your teeth look younger.

Think you might be a good candidate for a gingivectomy or enameloplasty? Call our Boise office to set up a consultation appointment!


Adding Grafts, Dental Veneers, and Boise Crowns and Bridges: 1 of 4 Areas of Treatment with Boise Cosmetic Dentistry

Welcome to our first in a series of four articles on Boise cosmetic dentistry! The first area our Boise dentists will be covering is the additions we can make to your smile for a natural and photogenic look:

Tooth Veneers

If you are looking to upgrade your smile, tooth veneers can be a simple and less expensive route than Boise dental crowns and bridges. For example, veneers can be used to close gaps between teeth, to strengthen teeth with chips, or to reform oddly shaped teeth. Tooth veneers, typically only used on the front teeth, can also be used on discolored teeth.

Gum grafts

Did you know that you can get a gum graft? There are several reasons your gums might be receding and be in need of a gum graft, including periodontal disease. If you see your gums receding and are wondering about periodontal disease or getting a gum graft, you should make an appointment with our Boise dentists.

During a gum graft, our Boise dentists will take gum tissue from the back of your mouth and secure it over the exposed root of your teeth. While this procedure can certainly be done for aesthetic purposes, it has several other benefits, including:

  • Reducing sensitivity of an exposed root
  • Protecting a tooth’s root from further decay
  • Preventing further recession of the gum line

Boise Crowns and Bridges

Our Boise dentists will often recommend a dental crown if a back tooth is too decayed to be reliable with a cavity filling. For Boise cosmetic dentistry, a crown is often used to replace missing teeth with Boise tooth implants or to reshape and recolor a tooth. If a front tooth is too weak or damaged to get a dental veneer, our Boise dentists may use a dental crown instead as well. The porcelain material of these dental crowns and bridges makes them more resistant to staining and also very comparable in strength to regular teeth.

Are you interested in a graft, dental veneer, or crown? If so, stop by our Boise office, and our staff will be happy to chat with you!

Image via Flickr by Dr. Alper, DMD, Cosmetic Dentist



Summit Dental Heads to Cambodia to Provide Dental Care

Summit Dental Heads to Cambodia to Provide Dental Care

Dr . Ritchie, Jen and Kellie from our Summit Dental team are volunteering to provide dental treatment to Cambodian islanders. So proud of our staff! They are joinging a group of volunteers from International Medical Relief this September to provide care to those in need. Help us out by buying a t-shirt to support the cause, donating online and attend our “Beers for Brushes” event hosted by Crooked Fence Brewery in Boise.

[button link=”” color=”#F06C3D” size=”2″ style=”1″ dark=”0″ radius=”auto” target=”self”]Donate Online[/button] [button link=”″ color=”#F06C3D” size=”2″ style=”1″ dark=”0″ radius=”auto” target=”self”]Attend Beers For Brushes at Crooked Fence[/button]

Watch Dr. Ritchie talk about the trip on Channel 6 news!

International Medical Relief has been invited by the Cambodian government to treat a population of nearly 2,000 islanders who have not had access to healthcare since the Khmer Rouge ended in 1979. September 7th-15th they will be treated by volunteers– a team of doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, etc. for the first time in nearly 34 years!

Purchasing a T-shirt will help the cause!! *AVAILABLE IN SIZES SMALL – XL* See flyer below. Donations can be accepted at our office in Boise. Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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